Swamplot, the Houston Chronicle, and You

If you arrived at this site by following a link from the Houston Chronicle, welcome to Swamplot! If you’ve been following Swamplot but didn’t find us through the Chronicle Real Estate page, here’s a rather late announcement that’s still worth noting:

As many of our super-sharp readers have probably noticed by now, Swamplot has a cooperative marketing arrangement with the Chronicle’s online Real Estate section. The Chronicle features the latest Swamplot headlines on its Real Estate page (you’ll have to scroll down and look in the center column to find them), and occasionally links to individual Swamplot stories — closer to the top of their page. Over here at Swamplot, there’s a square tile running in our middle column that links to the Chronicle’s online Real Estate section.

This arrangement has worked out well, because it provides our readers easy access to another source of information on Houston Real Estate, and because it continues to bring Swamplot a steady stream of new visitors. But we want to make it clear to newcomers here what the rest of you probably already know: Swamplot is not affiliated with the Houston Chronicle. We aren’t responsible for anything that’s written over there. And they have no control over what goes on here.

What does go on here is daily coverage of Houston real estate, neighborhoods, home design, architecture, and landscape — with a difference: Swamplot gets its news from you. If you’ve just found us, we hope you’ll check the site regularly or subscribe to our RSS feed. If you have some news to report, let us know.

Swamplot has been online now for exactly five months, and our readership has been growing at a remarkable pace. Having more readers is great — because the more readers we have, the better tips we get.

And here’s how you can help: Do you know people who love Houston real estate and would enjoy reading this site? Send out a quick email and let them know about Swamplot. It shouldn’t take much time. And if enough of us do this, eventually it will make a big difference — in the quality and frequency of the tips we all want to hear about.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be rolling out a few changes to the site that should help make it more interactive, informative, and interesting. There’s a lot going on in Houston’s real-estate landscape. Stay tuned.