Swamplot’s Vital Signs

How many people read Swamplot? Some of you might be interested in taking a peek at this site’s latest stats:

Last month’s traffic was this site’s highest ever. In March, Swamplot received more than 153,000 page views, from more than 34,000 absolute unique visitors.

That’s pretty good for a local real-estate blog, and it’s encouraging that Swamplot’s readership has continued to growing steadily each month. As many of you know, Swamplot readers are actively involved in Houston-area real estate, design, construction, and neighborhood life. What do Houston homebuyers, architects, engineers, interior designers, neighborhood activists, real-estate agents and investors have in common? Well yes, some of them may be looking for work soon — but more to the point: they all read Swamplot.

Obviously, though, much greater numbers of people out there in the Houston area might appreciate reading and participating in this site — if they were aware of it. You probably know people who are interested in the same subjects Swamplot covers, but aren’t familiar with the site. Maybe they’ve come across a Swamplot story or two, but aren’t aware of this site’s daily coverage, or the interesting conversations that take place every day in our comments. Or maybe they just plain never heard of Swamplot.

Can you help spread the word?

Sure, Swamplot wants to grow. But what’s in it for you? The same thing, really: More readers means the site will get more and better comments and tips, which means we’ll all hear more stories faster, and from more informed sources. Having more readers will help this site draw sponsors and advertisers, which will help fund site improvements and expanded coverage of the topics you want to hear about.

Wanna help? Mention Swamplot to friends and professional contacts. Tweets, Facebook comments, and emailed links all help a lot, but many of the people we’d love to reach aren’t quite in that circle yet. Can you bring up Swamplot in conversation at work, at open houses, in meetings, at parties, or at neighborhood gatherings?

If you like this site, we hope you’ll tell a lot of people about it. If you don’t like it, please tell us about it — but we hope you’ll complain about it loudly to others too.

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  • SuWOOOOP!!!

  • I don’t think I can count how many times I referred someone here.

  • I think we ought to give people with insider info an incentive to email the tipline. I don’t want them to spill if they’re not supposed to, but at least give us some leads to some public information.

    With that many readers, there’s got to be some info that’s available but not coming out.

    If people that have no relation to the real estate industry but only have an interest in it can email the tipline, surely there are some in the industry who can become more vocal. I think that’s one way to improve the site the most, more involvment!

  • @kjb434: Much appreciated. We should include those numbers the next time we update our stats!

    @Jessie M: What kind of incentives are you suggesting? A night at La Torretta Del Lago might blow a tipster’s cover.

  • @gus…not sure. That’s where the rest of creative minds are supposed to jump in. :) Cash is my first thought but I don’t think that will work.

  • I’ve certainly talked it up… even at my weekly networking meeting. I’m not in real estate, but the realtor in my networking chapter actually had one of her listings on here and didn’t know it until someone mentioned it to her.

  • I talk about you all the time. One of my facebook buddies posted links to two of your older articles just this week and I noted that http://www.swamplot.com is one of my favorite websites. She is not in real estate, so I don’t know if she found you through my mentions on facebook or some other way.

  • Swamplot rocks. I’m not in real estate, matter of fact… I’m a “renter” -Swamplot joke-.

    Swamplot is of interest to anyone who lives in the area and has interest in what makes Hugetown vital and unique. Thanks, Gus.

  • <— He said “renter”

  • Creat a link to Facebook. It will surely drive more traffic via increased exposure.

  • What a hip and happening place you’ve got here. I am a realtor in Atascocita/Kingwood and will definitely be adding links to your site. Keep up the good work!