Swapping out Reliant Stadium Signs; More Sprouts for Houston

Alliance Residential Block 334 Apartments Downtown

Photo of construction of Alliance Residential’s Block 334 Apartments: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • $60M for a high school football stadium? What an absolute waste of taxpayer money. Sad to say that Texas is full of these expensive pet projects.

  • unrelated to these belligerent stadiusm that the local taxpayers vote and approve of, but a lot of wasteful spending in education is in fact mandated by the fact that school need to either use their tax revenue or risk having gobbled up by the redistribution plans.

    education funding has been broken for so long in this state it’s just hilarious. and people wonder why we have the lowest rate of educational attainment in all of the industrialized nations. if it wasn’t for the fact that americans live to work and have the highest productivity we’d all be a bunch of poor ignoramus’.

  • “Sad to say that all of America is full of these expensive pet projects.” I fixed it for you Fernando. I wish there was a political group that would stand up to all this wasteful spending. Oh wait, its those ‘domestic terrorists’ with the ‘crazy’ ‘out of touch’ ideas!