Sweet Mesquite Rebirthing in Ragin’ Cajun’s Abandoned Underground Lair Below Main

SWEET MESQUITE REBIRTHING IN RAGIN’ CAJUN’S ABANDONED UNDERGROUND LAIR BELOW MAIN A sign advertising a new Sweet Mesquite Grill has appeared in the tunnel-facing storefront under the McKinney Place Garage where Ragin’ Cajun shut down a few months ago. The spot below 930 Main St. Downtown is scheduled to open in a month as a Sweet Mesquite do-over. The restaurant in the shopping center at 1570 S. Dairy Ashford near Briar Forest Dr. was a Sweet Mesquite Grill before it became Mesquite Cottage; the new tunnel location henceforth will be the only Sweet Mesquite Grill in town, but is expected to be a bit of a reboot from the original. [Previously on Swamplot] Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • So greasy, so good. Those were the glory days. In the mid 80’s sweet mesquite was the ONLY restaurant in Copperfield (south of 290 beteeen HWY 6 and 529). You could fill up on unlimited soda, eat the greasiest tex mex ever and play video games while the adults drank margaritas. Free ice cream cones. This made for an epic Friday night.

  • I Loved that place as a kid! Moved out there in 92

  • Same with the one in Missouri City on 6 and Murphy. Lived in Sugar Land and grew up going there. Loved it.

  • I used to go to the one on Bay Area Blvd all the time as a kid! The food was good (from what I remember) and I loved the arcade. The last Sweet Mesquite (before they all closed) was over there by Gulfgate, right?