Tacos A Go-Go Going In Now That La Fendee’s Ending

TACOS A GO-GO GOING IN NOW THAT LA FENDEE’S ENDING Culturemap reports that La Fendee, the Mediterranean restaurant at 1402 Westheimer in Montrose, will be closing by the end of the month and will be replaced soon thereafter by another Tacos A Go-Go. This new spot — right across Westheimer from the former Wendy’s that’s being renovated into Doc’s, the Austin sports bar — would be the 3rd location in Houston. Elsewhere, the Tacos a Go-Go owners have said they plan to open Retrospect Coffee at that artfully abandoned gas station near HCC in Midtown. [Culturemap; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Trip Advisor

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  • Great news! La Fendee was/is marginal Middle Eastern fare though it does have a nice patio.

  • This is such good news. I love tacos a go go. And I love that they are opening something in that other location by the Holman Apartments!

  • Perfect fit for the neighborhood.

  • I hope they have the jalapeño Margaritas at this location.

  • awesome! Tacos a go go >>>>>> torchys. Glad they are spreading out! Tried to go to the one on main on Thursday night to pick up to go tacos for dinner and not a single place to park, unless you want to pay 5 dollars to the lot attendant. Good to hear there will be another option besides the heights because I went there after I couldn’t park on main, and almost ran into the same situation, no parking.

  • Fantastic addition to the neighborhood. Perfect end to any Westheimer bar crawl, as long as you don’t trip on a sidewalk mountain and knock your teeth out. I suppose you still could eat a taco after that, though.

  • Seriously? You guys are excited about this? The food is terrible. I’m surprised that they are still open, yet alone opening another. The people of Houston will eat anything.

  • No, they won’t eat Maggie Rita’s.

  • Awesome breakfast tacos. Will be a good addition.

  • Dont get how this place can even expand. The tacos are not good at all. Been to both the main and heights location…both left me disappointed. Good luck to them though..apparently they make enough to open another one.

  • Sadly, and I hate to dump on a local business, but their tacos are barely edible. Their online ordering system is outstanding, but how anyone would become a repeat customer is beyond me.

  • Aww shucks will miss the baba ganoush at la fendee — the sub par gyros not so much. Surprised you folks don’t like tacos a gogo more, they get near universal rave reviews (yelp, etc.).

  • Judging by the comments about their food, maybe the name should be Tacos A NO NO?

  • That’s good news — Taco A-GoGo have pretty good lamb tacos. Now, if we could get an Indian fast food place like Masala Wok in Montrose… :-)