Tacos A Go Go Is A Go Beneath Downtown

TACOS A GO GO IS A GO BENEATH DOWNTOWN Tacos a Go Go at 910 Louisiana Ave., Downtown, Houston, 77002Tacos A Go Go’s latest location is currently being set up in the tunnel spot beneath soon-to-be-Shell-free One Shell Plaza at 910 Louisiana St. The permitting process for the remodel of the space (centered roughly between branches of Murphy’s Deli, Starbucks, and the People’s Trust Co-op) kicked off late last year, around the time Tacos a Go Go’s third location opened in the now-thoroughly disguised former Roznovsky’s Hamburgers spot in Garden Oaks. The company’s website currently says the fourth spot’ll open Downtown later this month, operating on breakfast and lunch taco hours (from 7 to 3). [Previously on Swamplot; tunnel coverage] Image of One Shell Plaza leasing flier: LoopNet

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  • Oh man, why the stupid tunnels? They should’ve had at street level. Maybe at one of the new apartments downtown? The tunnels are so lame.

  • that area is a tough location now too with shell leaving. that thai spice around the corner closed up recently, and across from this new spot, it looks like a convenience store/gift shop type place closed up recently too. on a semi-related note, im worried about that fajitas a go go on kirby. last time i was in there it was pretty empty. i dont want it to close because their fajitas and enchiladas are outstanding.

  • @Onepunchman: The tunnels are pure Houston. Air conditioned, privately owned and convenient. The reason they didn’t build this outside is because they ran the numbers.

  • If street level tacos are required, try the Woozy Kaktus at Main and Congress.

  • Where did I get Woozy Kaktus from? It’s Dizzy Kaktus, in the Sweeney building at Main and Congress. Hurry, before it gets hot out.

  • I love the tunnel system. As Memebag says, pure Houston, air conditioned, privately owned, and air conditioned. What more can you ask for in a City where it gets to be 100 degrees plus in the summers.

  • there are probably more street level fusion taco places in downtown than there are mattress stores in montrose.
    don’t need more.

  • You said it Onepunchman.
    Tacos a Go Go= Yea!
    Tunnels= Boo