01/16/19 1:45pm

Like some kind of otherworldly brand ambassador, this large larger-than-life-sized inflatable now looks dutifully out over the strip center parking lot off Belway 8 and Woodforest Blvd., its antennae twitching in the wind. The building it tops — home to Jenny Nails II, J Donuts, Betlway Beverage, Dominos, a hair salon, and Boost Mobile — was once part of the Randalls-anchored retail complex dubbed the Eastbelt Centre that stopped being a thing when Galena Park ISD moved its administrative offices into the supermarket’s building nearly 2 decades ago.

That converted structure lies just next door to the strip building . . .


Roadside Attractions of Beltway 8
12/04/17 12:30pm

Included in ProPublica’s effort to identify and map every abandoned munitions facility in the U.S. — especially those that might still harbor toxic waste, residue from chemical weapons, or explosives: Houston’s own San Antonio Ordnance Depot, the original boundaries of which straddle Jacintoport Blvd., just east of Beltway 8 and immediately north of the Houston Ship Channel.

The 4,850-acre former depot and ordnance demolition facility was sold to the Ship Channel’s governing authority in 1964. It counts as one of 62 current or former military installations in Texas still containing hazardous waste, but according to Department of Defense documents is not scheduled to be cleaned up entirely until 2084.

Photos of San Jacinto Ordnance Depot bunkers: arch-ive.org

Along the Ship Channel
01/08/15 2:45pm

ATLANTA COMPANY UPGRADING ENERGY CORRIDOR, WOODFOREST APARTMENT COMPLEXES FROM COUNTRY TO CITY Saddle Ridge Apartments, 12800 Woodforest Blvd., Woodforest, HoustonA note on the purchase of 2 Houston apartment complexes by Atlanta’s Radco Companies noted in this morning’s roundup of Headlines: Urbanization — in advance or in recognition of actual changes-on-the-ground — appears to be part of the plan. In taking over the properties from Fannie Mae, Radco has renamed the 122-unit Country Place apartments at 1015 Country Place Dr. in the Energy Corridor to City Terrace. And the 458-unit Saddle Ridge apartments (pictured here) at 12800 Woodforest Blvd. at the northern tip of Riviera East, east of Uvalde Rd., is shedding its rural shadings under new ownership as well: It’s new name is City Crossing Apartments. The company also plans to spend an average of $13,300 per unit in upgrades. [Real Estate Bisnow; more info] Photo: Radco Companies

02/28/14 10:30am

366 Kingscourt Dr., Woodforest, Houston

No, the lawn-parked Chevrolet Corvette in the sepia-filtered listing pic at the top of this post isn’t the result of a clumsy home-staging effort — it’s the prize that comes with your Woodforest Estates homebuying Happy Meal. Simply purchase this 2,488-sq.-ft. yellow-brick 2-story for the low low price of $138,500 (marked down from $142,500 earlier this month) and you’ll find this “awesome” Corvette in unidentified condition absolutely free in the box! Er, garage. Useful for shuttling family members, one at a time, to and from the home’s 7 bedrooms.

1219 Plantation Meadows Dr., Richmond, TexasIf this kind of Chevy-chasing carrot throw-in sounds vaguely familiar, that’s because it is: A similar deal for a Corvette Stingray with brick suburban home combo in Richmond at more than 3 times the price (pictured at left) was featured on Swamplot last month — and is still available. (No, it’s not the same car; that one was an older model convertible, though it appears to be a similar color.)


Buy 7-Bedroom, Get 2-Seater Free!
07/28/11 8:14am

STUCK IN MCDONALD’S A second family is suing a second area franchisee over playground injuries caused by a metal fastener at a McDonald’s PlayPlace. Last weekend 2-1/2-year-old Alexis Durant caught and gashed her lip on this exposed bolt in a plastic slide in the I-45 feeder road McDonald’s at Pine Dr. in Dickinson, claims attorney Jason Gibson. Last year, another Gibson client sued the owners of the McDonald’s on Uvalde Rd. just south of Woodforest Blvd. after claiming their 6-year-old son cut his head on a screw sticking into a plastic slide tunnel. McDonald’s USA declined to comment on the lawsuits, but issued a statement saying “The safety of our youngest customers is our top priority.” [Click2Houston] Photo: Click2Houston

07/26/11 2:05pm

A Fuddruckers Express has taken over a portion of the Luby’s Cafeteria on the I-10 East feeder between Federal Rd. and Maxey. The 1,500-sq.-ft. hamburger joint was carved out of the former Luby’s takeout area and drive-thru, but the 2 restaurants share a kitchen in the 12,200-sq.-ft. freestanding building. Luby’s bought out the Fuddruckers chain last year.

Photo: Luby’s

07/07/11 2:42pm

Teevee news cameras provide a glimpse of the open-plan home fashioned out of a 12-ft.-by-25-ft. RV and boat storage unit in a long shed across the street from the I-10 East Golden Corral Restaurant. Prince and Charlomane Leonard have their home of 3 years all to themselves now, but they’re not happy about it: After a single 3-hour visit from Harris County’s Child Protective Services last month, the couple’s 6 children, ages 2 through 12, were removed from the home on McNair St. near Sheffield Blvd., which was declared an “unsafe environment” for the children. The Chronicle‘s Anita Hassan reports the Leonards had been planning to build a home for themselves on land they own in Liberty County, but couldn’t get a loan.


03/02/10 2:09pm

DARKNESS DESCENDS OVER THE EAST FREEWAY Hey, who turned out all the street lights along I-10 between the East Loop and Uvalde? Copper thieves! [Public Works spokesperson Alvin] Wright said a similar theft took place inside the loop, but this was the first time it had happened on such a large scale further east. In response, public works is considering replacing the copper wires with aluminum, and installing lock boxes to keep the copper conductors safe. Officials said they don’t know how long it will take to complete the repairs, which could eventually cost taxpayers thousands of dollars.” [KHOU.com]