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Now on its third relisting by the initial agent since 2011, a 2006 Mediterranean-style spread in Lakes at Kings River Estates is sticking to the asking price the property’s been offered at since last April. But the current price ceiling is still a few ticks down from what it was during a year-long sale attempt in 2011, which began at $2.8 million before knocking off $550K. The red-roofed Kingwood-area property, currently seeking $1.99 million, appears notable for its collection of over-the-top ceiling treatments.


Look Out Above
09/26/13 4:15pm

The next Dunkin’ Donuts in Houston will be in Humble. Though this newest one, to open next Tuesday at 18315 West Lake Houston Pkwy., will have the all-important drive-thru window, it will also include some room for those who need to stay a bit longer: The standalone in Orleans Square will have 2 conference rooms geared up with projection equipment, each of which could hold about 20 people, give or take.

Additionally, Prime Property reports that there will be one more Dunkin’ Donuts to open in the area before the end of the year and as many as 60 in the next 5 years.

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08/16/13 3:30pm

A little subdividing might still be ahead for this biggest-in-the neighborhood property in Atascocita Shores. An older listing tried to sell off only the 2-lot portion containing the builder-owned 1990 home and fronting a secluded cul-de-sac near-but-not-on Lake Houston. The re-listing earlier this month, however, includes the entire acre-and-a-quarter, which also backs up to a stretch of the neighborhood’s namesake roadway. That 2-sided access might be handy since the 2 routes to the site from a fork in the road have similar names (Atascocita Point Dr. and Atascocita Place Dr.).


08/30/11 12:20pm

Drought has turned land that used to be part of Lake Houston into a jungle of 14-ft.-tall snake-infested weeds. Waterfront residents of Kings River Village, near the northern end of the lake in Humble, would like to knock down the vegetation that’s sprung up as the lake has receded, and that now surrounds their newly dry backyard docks. But some are proceeding with caution because they don’t own the newfound land and are wary of legal and ecological issues that might result from clear-cutting the newly exposed wetlands. “Right now, we are just in a situation where our kids can’t go back anywhere near the lake because of the weeds and the snakes that are back there,” Clear Sky Dr. resident David Labbe tells the Lake Houston Observer. “We’ve seen an abundance of snakes. We don’t know what rights we have, as homeowners, to go out there and try to remedy the situation.” Labbe has contacted the Army Corps of Engineers, the San Jacinto River Authority, and Houston officials, but hasn’t received an answer yet.

Photo: Stephen Thomas/Lake Houston Observer

03/11/11 2:01pm

Back on the market at a new, slightly higher price: This hulking 1979 single-story mod in Atascocita Shores, spread across 2 acres of Lake Houston’s west bank. For $1,250,000, you get a 7,319-sq.-ft. 5-bedroom, 4-full and 2-half bath lakeside pad; a 4-car attached garage; a guest house; and all the water you can look at or drink:


01/14/10 2:06pm

Congratulations to the winner of this week’s Neighborhood Guessing Game: Helen. And what did she win? Just a one-year membership in the Rice Design Alliance! Our thanks to the RDA, for providing the prize!

Great guesses, everyone. Where is this place?


07/16/09 8:12pm

We have a winner!

Of what? How about that long-sought-after one-year individual membership in the Rice Design Alliance!

Here were your guesses for this week’s mystery property: Katy (3 of you), Greatwood (4), Cinco Ranch (3), Pearland, Sugar Land, Lake Olympia, Missouri City, Richmond, Rosenberg, Clear Lake, Champion Forest, Memorial Northwest, Silverlake, Memorial Villages, Fort Bend County, Magnolia, Cypress (2), Bellaire (3), Kingwood, Fall Creek, Keller, Hyde Park, Lakes on Eldridge, Coles Crossing, West University, “1 or 2 miles south of I-10 west and South Fry Rd.,” Sweetwater, Sienna Plantation, Friendswood, Camp Logan, Rice Military, Upper Kirby, FM 1960, “that gray area that’s almost Bellaire but near Meyerland, around Braeswood,” Pecan Grove, Mid Lane, and First Colony.

The prize goes to DLW, who got a lot correct:

I believe the plan is called the Valencia by Village Builders, and is around 3000 square feet, one story. The plan is about 12 years old now, but the stainless appliances and some of the fixtures indicate it is more recent construction. I would lean towards a master-planned suburban community that Village tended to build in, such as Kingwood, Cinco Ranch, or Greatwood.

Congratulations! An honorable mention goes to resident poet movocelot, for contributing this not-so-free but entertaining verse:

I feel this sprawler is a “Build-Your-Own” home, somewhere in Katy or Magnolia.
I looks like the ‘90s but finished in 2000, because everything tended to go slowlier.
A single-story pimped to fill it’s big lot, with arch’l clichés and mixtures,
‘Til the over-spent couple took their last draw, unable to buy quality fixtures.
The crown mold is glam, the ovals divine, and the light well is, well, bright.
But, cold as a mall and echo-y, too, this house is basically trite.
And that’s a really dumb mirror over the mantel.

Where did this builder home land?


02/09/09 5:49pm

We have a winner!!!

No need to belabor where y’all guessed the home was this week: all over town . . . and circling widely as the contest was extended — twice.

Our prize, a 1-year individual membership to the Rice Design Alliance, goes to Eric, who laid low until the weekend and then guessed Atascocita. Why? Because

Every neighborhood I would’ve guessed has been mentioned.

Yes, this was a tough one. An honorable mention goes to NorhillJoe, whose spirit guide pointed the way to . . . Humble.

Before we give details on this week’s home, a quick word about sponsors: Swamplot has a few more RDA memberships to give out to first-place Neighborhood Guessing Game winners. But after that, we’ll be looking for prize sponsors. If you or your company or organization would like to earn some attention and appreciation from Swamplot readers by donating the prize for one or more of our games, please contact us at our advertising email address.

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