11/07/11 2:54pm

Yes, the pool grotto connects directly to the master bedroom of this $2.4 million party estate, if you had to ask. “Long before there was a subdivision called Gleannloch Farms, there was a ranch there called Gleannloch Farms where they raised Arabian horses,” explains a reader who claims to know something about this property. “I am 99% sure that this listing is actually the original house for the ranch. HCAD shows it as built in 1979, which would predate the subdivision by about 20 years, so I guess it would have to be.” You’re looking at the home’s “grand ballroom” above, which faces the front motor court. Also on the 6-acre grounds: a tennis court, a pond with spurting fountain, a detached 8-car garage, a guest house turned into an exercise gym, a separate gameroom building with a summer kitchen, and an actual outdoor pool you can use if this skylit indoor one starts to fester:


08/26/08 10:02am

OFF-MAP JOGGING IN GLEANNLOCH FARMS Another lost jogger, rescued by iPhone. But what happens when Google Maps fail? “Every time I am in Houston I am filled with renewed trepidation over the in-laws neighborhood. It’s lovely, of course, but it’s also a Houston suburbs’ subdivision. Despite having visited numerous times over the course of the past three and a half years, I am remarkably unable to maintain any sense of cardinal directions or relative location once we enter the sprawling land of pale-red-and-cream houses in well-manicured cul-de-sacs with nice names.”