09/09/08 10:37am

Flowers on the Dining Room Table, 6023 Rose St., Glen Cove, Houston

Lou Minatti finds a very lush garden in back of the house at 6023 Rose St. in Glen Cove, featured in this past weekend’s open house tour:

This house built in 1948 features a koi pond. I am not impressed with the interior staging, but I will say the outdoor landscaping is beautiful. In fact, the landscaping is the best part of of property. What the current owner has done outside is gorgeous. Go look at the gallery.

But what about the Dining Room?

Update: It just occurred to me. Do these people eat flowers for dinner?

09/05/08 8:38pm

Something old, something new; some styles borrowed, some rather expensive houses sitting on the market for quite a while! Yes, it’s time to tour a few open houses in Glen Cove, tucked just under Memorial Park’s right wing. Here’s what you’ll find if you venture out this weekend:

6023 Rose St., Glen Cove, Houston

Location: 6023 Rose St.
Details: 3 bedrooms, 3 baths; 1,885 sq. ft.
Price: $619,000
The Scoop: Lushly landscaped 1947 bungalow with small freestanding guest house in back but no garage. Remodeled Kitchen; lots of diagonally placed slate tiles. Window wall overlooks back yard with koi pond. On the market for 3 weeks.
Open House: Sunday, 2-5 pm

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