07/16/10 10:04am

A TEXAS OIL SIGHTING As BP continues to monitor pressures in its newly sealed well in the Gulf, a marine biologist sights a bit of oil slick conducting an unauthorized maneuver far to the west: “‘We saw about a half-mile thick line of oil on the water about five miles offshore a little to the Southwest of Sabine Pass,’ [the Sea Turtle Restoration Project’s Chris] Pincetich said. Official spill maps from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration don’t put the slick near that area. Tar balls from the spill have shown up on beaches in Galveston, but it’s believed they were brought there on the hulls of ships that passed through the oil closer to the spill site.” [Newswatch: Energy; previously on Swamplot]

07/01/09 11:51pm

COMMENT OF THE DAY: GALVESTON OFFSHORE PLATFORM ECO-GAMBLING ESCAPES “. . . a ‘Santa Monica’ pier at The Flagship location would be golden, would be the DESTINATION for a lot of folks! But couldn’t there ALSO be an offshore gambling venue?? Imagine an elevator takes gamblers to a secret bullet-train in a tube, which whisks them to an oil derrick with gaming (no horse-racing, of course, haha!) The Island needs an injection of edgy intrigue since The Balinese is gone. Also, George Mitchell is another Player on Galveston; the gambling train could offer eco-tours to see Gulf habitat and thus receive some federal matching funds or something…” [movocelot, commenting on Roller Coaster on the Pier: Crunch Time for the Flagship Hotel]