12/15/15 10:45am

LAST CHANCE LOOMS TO MAIL ON YALE Yale St. Post Office Closure NoticeRegular customers of the seriously-named Heights Finance Station US post office at 1050 Yale St. got an early Christmas present this month: a letter from management, tucked into each P.O. box with care, informing them that the branch is shutting down at the end of the month. The facility will dispense its last book of stamps at 5 P.M. on December 30; come 2016, Heights-area postal operations will be consolidated at the remodeled T.W. House Carrier Annex at Bevis and W. 19th St. in the distant wilds of northern Shady Acres, a 2-mile drive northwest from Yale station. The 6,161 sq.-ft. Yale building is for sale; the property occupies an acre of central Heights turf, standing across W. 11th Street from neo-diner Lola and across Yale from open-any-day-now ice house 8 Row Flint. [Previously on Swamplot] Photo: Swamplot inbox; Notice: MKultra25 via HAIF

12/10/15 10:00am

White Oak Music Hall, 2915 N. Main, Houston, 77009

Steel is up at 2915 N. Main just east of I-45, where the White Oak Music Hall is slowly getting ready to party. The indoor-outdoor concert venue, a project of former-Fitzgerald’s-operator Pegstar, is expected to be finished dressing up some time next May.

The photo above, peering northwest up N. Main Street, looks through the skeleton of the main building on the site, where 2 of the venue’s 3 stages will be situated. The rendering below looks at the structure from the opposite corner, facing the street:


Rock on the Bayou
11/05/09 9:35am

THE FRONT PORCH GANG “Yesterday, a friend of mine sent an e-mail out with this in the subject line: ‘You can’t own anything nice if you live inside the loop…’ She sent this because the large wooden bench she keeps on her front porch had been stolen. Carted off. In broad daylight. This was a big bench. It was not a one-person job. This tells me there must be a big gang of these people in the Heights, strolling around while we sit at our desks in office buildings, treating our houses like unattended garage sales. I would tell her to get a dog, but we have a dog. And we’ve still had every single thing not attached to our concrete foundation pilfered. Maybe she should get a dog bred for something besides decoration. Maybe that’s the key.” [A Peine for Your Thoughts]