06/12/08 5:30pm

Neighborhood Guessing Game 11: Pool Table

This week’s Neighborhood Guessing Game has . . . no winner. None of you were even close. But it sure was fun!

Most of your guesses centered around Memorial. We had 2 for “Memorial” and one for “near Memorial Park.” Plus: 4 votes for Bunker Hill Village and one each for Hunters Creek Village, Hedwig Village, Jersey Village, and Hilshire Village. Pasadena and Champions Forest got 2 guesses each, and the remainder went to Baytown, Deer Park, the Mid Lane area, the southeast quadrant of Gessner and Westheimer, South Houston, Westheimer & Highway 6, Braeswood-Fondren near the country club, Greenwood Forest, Royden Oaks, and Fountainview or Bering Drive.

Hey, nobody guessed Meyerland! (No, it’s not there, either.)

This week we also had a few mystery sightings: A “I Shot J.R.” T-shirt in the closet; a sidewalk in front of the house; a fake fireplace in the converted attic; a second foosball table. Where are these things?

Three of you get honorable mentions: Brad, for spotting what may or may not be stirrups fastened to the bar in the uh . . . foosball room; Joni Webb for getting the house’s timeline right:

it’s a total redo – the kitchen and bathrooms. I’m going with 70’s, 80’s with new redo in the last 5 years.

And of course margo . . . for this fun comment:

OMG! Please tell me that my eyes are deceiving me. Is that a leopard rug with head attached draped over the treadmill?? No no no. That is wrong on so many levels. I’ve been known to hang a few bras from my treadmill but never a dead animal. Im going with bunkerhill area i’ve seen some strange buisness in a few houses in that area and this looks about par.

There were no secret disinformation campaigns this time . . . but you never know!

Where is this place? Answer revealed below!