07/17/13 2:00pm

Expanses of lime carpet inside this 1971 contempo-mod home on a cul-de-sac just east of Wilcrest and south of Buffalo Bayou in Lakeside Forest look a bit like the front lawn on an otherwise woodsy lot. At least it did in the initial photos (top) of the listing, which made it to the market on Friday. Freshened-up photos added Tuesday focused more closely on the clean bones of the place, which has an asking price of $688,000. It’s not the block’s biggest home, but it sits on the largest lot: 32,592 sq. ft.


03/05/09 8:54pm

Time’s up for this week’s Neighborhood Guessing Game. And there’s a prize winner to announce!

We had 2 guesses each for Camp Logan, Crestwood, and “near the Houston Country Club.” The rest: Tanglewood, “overlooking Memorial Park,” Spring, Champions, Greenwood Forest, Nottingham, Hudson Bend, Hudson Forest, “somewhere off Gessner,” along Gessner between Briar Forest and Memorial, Tealwood, “near Memorial . . . around Gessner, Fondren or Wilcrest,” the Braeswood-Med Center area, east of 288 near MacGregor and the bayou, along Rice between San Felipe and Westheimer (?), between San Felipe and Woodway off Post Oak Lane, Clear Lake City, River Oaks, near Memorial between Kirkwood and Eldridge Parkway, Bellaire, Sugar Land, Greatwood Bend, “the Plantation-y area around Dulles and Highway 6,” Bayou Glen, Westhaven Estates, near Chimney Rock and Memorial, Lakeside Place, and Lakeside Forest.

The winner of a year-long membership in the Rice Design Alliance? MariaO, for this entry:

I wonder what this place looked like before the staging? What’s up with the pool cues without a pool table?
Obviously 70s construction, built-ins and bathroom cabinets are the giveaway. Brick floors and no carpet down, so most likely is near water, maybe backs to a bayou? I’d say Memorial but it can’t be or they would have done a Subzero fridge instead of that generic thing. Must be outside the Beltway and south of the bayou, Lakeside Forest or Lakeside Place.

Congratulations! The runner-up this week is CK, who was drawn to Wilcrest. And an honorable mention goes to the amazing through-the-web olfactory talents of JPSivco, who was able to sniff out both a bayou and golf course nearby. Only it was the wrong golf course:

Guys, I can’t believe you can not smell that Bayou in the backyard of this place!!

I like the second floor loft.

All of the windows argue a view of something.

Since Houston is flat…with views of nothing…I bet it is along Buffalo Bayou

it is a big place, with a pool and lots of renovations (floors, kitchen) so near HCC. it might even be on a golf course if it is not the Bayou. Maybe i just smell a retention pond.

Talk about a great nose for real estate!

A special shout-out goes to Lisa, who wrote in that she knew the listing, then submitted this great head-fake:

Painted paneling and flagstone fireplace place this as built around 1975. The poor little kitchen looks neglected. Not upscale enough for Memorial, Tanglewood, etc. The bathroom looks like the ones in the 1970’s homes in the great NW area. The yard is small so it’s a subdivision. I think that it’s a older home in the Champions area. Maybe Greenwood Forest or Nottingham.

And now . . . the reveal!