10/03/17 12:30pm

The sleepy 1.33-acre site at the eastern end of the Target parking lot on San Felipe just inside The Loop was rudely awakened from a long slumber last week with the action of some demolition equipment. A couple of structures that formerly housed Dream’s & Bros. Hand Car Wash and Lube, opened by former UTSA basketball player and brother-of-Hakeem Afis Olajuwon in 1998, had sat vacant on the lot at 4303 San Felipe St. since its closing in 2014.

Judging by the name given to the site in a replat document filed with the city in April of this year — “Bank of America River Oaks,” with the address taken down a couple notches to 4301 San Felipe — it’s likely a new bank branch will be going up in its place.

Photos: Swamplot inbox

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The Champions School of Real Estate’s former location at 4543 Post Oak Place Dr. is now home to Quality Life Fitness, which KPRC meteorologist Frank Billingsley and partner Kevin Gilliard transplanted recently from the southwest corner of Westheimer Rd. and Mid Ln. The space, less than a mile north of the gym’s previous strip center locale, has been refurbished and outfitted with a bamboo-floor studio for its new more-likely-to-be-on-the-ground clientele:


Post Oak Park
04/15/15 5:00pm

A POST OAK PARK GOODBYE TIMELAPSE David Weihs “had a little time” on his hands yesterday afternoon — his last day at work in his current job is this Friday, he writes. Also at his disposal: a Galaxy S5 and a little everyday movie-making technology. So in an hour he put together this collection of views from the tenth floor of the Five Post Oak Park office building at 4400 Post Oak Pkwy. [Reddit] Video: David Weihs

01/13/15 2:30pm

Rendering of Amegy Bank Tower, 1717 West Loop S., HoustonHere’s the first image most of us have seen of the 24-story office tower New Haven architects Pickard Chilton have been quietly designing for Amegy Bank. The site is the former West Loop stomping grounds of Micro Center at 1717 West Loop South, just north of San Felipe. The foundation was poured for the building this past weekend; construction is expected to be complete by the end of 2016.

The tower will contain 350,000 sq. ft. of space; Amegy is expecting to use more than two-thirds of that total. The bottom floors of the tower will contain a parking garage.

Rendering: Amegy Bank

First Look
11/17/14 5:00pm

Demolition of Micro Center, 1717 West Loop South, Houston

Demolition of Micro Center, 1717 West Loop South, HoustonDemolition crews wiping the West Loop-side slate clean of the recently vacated Micro Center computer store and its parking lot took a break over the weekend, allowing a brief interlude for views of dramatic, halted scene of destruction in Post Oak Park. Amegy Bank, which bought the property at 1717 West Loop South in March, plans to build a new headquarters office building for itself on the site after the computer outlet is unplugged.


Demolition Porn
09/18/14 12:30pm

COMMENT OF THE DAY: BUYERS WILL BE COMING TO SCOOP UP YOUR ENTIRE CONDO COMPLEX Condo Prospecting“I don’t know how it went for Park Memorial, but with these Post Oak Townhomes only some number deemed the majority had to approve it, and the hearsay is that there was a lot of misery and gnashing of teeth by those who did not want to sell. I am surprised there was not more media chatter about the sale of this complex. To me, it seemed flat out REMARKABLE that you could get even half to agree in a complex of that size. A big story + a harbinger of the future for aging condos.” [Harold Mandell, commenting on The End of the Post Oak Park Townhomes] Illustration: Lulu

09/16/14 3:45pm

Post Oak Park Townhomes, Post Oak Park Dr. at River Hollow Ln., Post Oak Park, Houston

Sources have indicated to Swamplot that all 102 separately owned units of a townhome development behind the Park Towers office complex on the West Loop have been sold. The 5.3969-acre site currently occupied by the Post Oak Park Townhomes (shown in the photo above) had been marketed for sale by CBRE. One source tells Swamplot the buyer of the condo development is a “foreign investor,” and that unspecified highrise buildings are reportedly planned for the property.


Condo Selloff
06/27/14 2:00pm

HAL-PC Headquarters, 4543 Post Oak Place Dr., Post Oak Park, Houston

Map Showing HAL-PC Headquarters, 4543 Post Oak Pl., Post Oak Park, Houston The Houston Area League of PC Users will be moving out of its ghost town of a 6,665 sq. ft. headquarters space in the sleepy 2-story office building at 4543 Post Oak Place Dr. a bit later than its originally announced deadline of the end of 2013. But HAL-PC isn’t leaving (as it declared last year) to find some more suitable space with more attractive rents and fewer parking problems, and so the building can work its way to a new identity as an assembly of medical clinics; it’s leaving on account of the organization is shutting down entirely. By a vote of the board of directors earlier this week, HAL-PC has chosen to disband.


User Group Deprecated
03/27/14 12:00pm

MICRO CENTER WILL MOVE SOUTH, GIVE UP WEST LOOP SITE FOR AMEGY BANK HQ Micro Center, 1717 West Loop South, HoustonConfirming a pair of reports published on Swamplot last month, Amegy Bank announced today that it is buying the 4-acre lot currently occupied by computer retailer Micro Center at 1717 West Loop South, just north of San Felipe, to build a new corporate headquarters. The designer of the coming 350,000-sq.-ft. Amegy complex is Pickard Chilton, the New Haven architect behind downtown’s BG Group Place, among other Houston structures. Amegy will keep its downtown offices, but move its corporate offices and Galleria banking center across the freeway to the new building. But Micro Center won’t be exiting Houston. It’ll move later this year to an unspecified new location “near the 610 Loop and Highway 59 Southwest Freeway interchange.” [Houston Business Journal; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Nick Juhasz

02/27/14 12:30pm

Micro Center, 1717 West Loop South, Houston

Micro Center Parking Lot, 1717 West Loop South, HoustonTwo days after Swamplot reported the local-tech-nerd-soul-crushing rumor that Amegy Bank has purchased the Post Oak Park–West Loop site of computer retailer Micro Center, a few new and possibly conflicting (but maybe not) pieces of information have emerged about a possible deal. Yesterday, in response to a reader question posted on the Micro Center Facebook page, the company posted what at first appears to be an outright denial of the rumor:


Amegy Coming, Micro Center Moving?
02/25/14 12:15pm

Micro Center, 1717 West Loop South, Houston

The self-proclaimed “industry insider” behind a new office-space rumor website tells Swamplot that it’s “well-known . . . amongst the tenant/landlord representative crowd” that Amegy Bank has purchased the 4.13-acre site at 1717 West Loop South just north of San Felipe that’s currently home to Houston’s only Micro Center store. The owner and would-be seller of the property, according to county tax records, is the Ohio-based parent company of the 47,800-sq.-ft. computer and electronics store, which has been operating in that location since 1994. There is only one other Micro Center location in Texas.


Bank Tower To Squash Computer Store?
06/05/08 8:25pm

Neighborhood Guessing Game 10: Stair

There were three Meyerland guesses in this week’s game . . . though at least two of them were likely tongue-in-cheek. The rest: one each for the Museum District, “just west of the Galleria,” Upper Kirby, the greater Galleria area, Gessner between Memorial and Briar Forest, the Bering-Augusta area, Montrose, River Oaks, Memorial Dr. and Chimney Rock, Hillcroft/Voss, Legend Lane, Bunker Hill, Tanglewood, north of the Galleria and west of River Oaks, Bissonnet between Kirby and Newcastle, Nantucket between San Felipe and Woodway, and Camp Hudson.

Y’all know where to find the seventies-model townhouses! Most of you figured it was one — despite the best efforts of K, who turned out to be this week’s secret disinformation-spewing agent. She sent in the correct address and then posted this plausible but misleading argument:

I know it looks like a townhouse, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t: this looks just like the houses in my area that have atriums/front courtyards that are covered in in ivy, especially when they’re on busy streets like Gessner.

Also, the bedrooms are way too large for this to be a townhome. I’m guessing — not Meyerland this time! — that it’s a two-story late-1960s era single-family home with a very blockish front/exterior and a courtyard or two that we aren’t being shown.

Great work, K! Sadly, though, your subversive talents were not enough to throw off this week’s winner, marmer, who got the right neighborhood with one of his guesses:

Townhome. Older, probably not on top of a first-floor garage. You wouldn’t build such a constrained metal stair in a “real” house. Too awkward and too industrial. I’m OK with the room sizes if the bedrooms are all upstairs and the living areas doswnstairs. So, where? Tanglewood.
North of the Galleria and west of River Oaks.

Or I could be wrong and it could be on Bissonnet, between Kirby and Newcastle

Wrong side of the Loop . . . and it’s actually a condo, not a townhouse . . . but it’s still good enough for a win! River Hollow, Briar Hollow, Post Oak Park . . . what’s your favorite name for this area?

Honorable mentions this week go to ERM — for pointing out that some of the bedroom windows look onto the central stair — and last week’s winner, Jeff, for these mostly accurate observations:

This is nicer than some of the queso we’ve seen before. It looks like a townhouse to me, but not new construction. The cheap looking metal rails on the staircase suggests something from the 70’s. Also, the roof directly above the stairs looks to be a skylight, something we typically dont see with new construction. My guess is its an older place that is situated in a nice area to warrant the cost of new floors, kitchen, etc.

After the jump: The actual name of the actual seventies-era condo development. Plus: That pool shot you’ve been waiting for!