12/01/15 2:45pm

BRUTALISM IS READY FOR ITS MAKEOVER Meanwhile, in Boston: 3 architects have written a new book as part of an effort to rebrand Brutalism. The style’s new name? Heroic architecture: “Obviously, ‘Brutal’ is not a good brand,” says Chris Grimley. “‘Brutal’ is fundamentally a negative, whereas with ‘Heroic’, some people take it as a rah-rah but we see it as a much more nuanced phrase that complicates the project in a number of ways.” [CityLab]

08/18/11 3:33pm

Who knew a little late-night tweet from a customer would spark a chain of events that would turn a new Heights restaurant into the topic of international news stories? Here’s the basic outline of what went down over the weekend at Down House: Customer, after a few beers, sends out tweet about bar staff. Off-duty bar manager doesn’t like tweet, calls up bar and asks to speak to customer. After a brief exchange, customer is asked to leave. Queue . . . the TV news! The Huffington Post! Gizmodo! Time magazine! The Daily Mail!