06/21/10 11:38am

They’re living in the middle of that loud and crazy Heights shopping district on 19th St., but it’s been real quiet for the owners of 226 Recordings, in the front part of the honking metal building completed a couple of years ago next to Gen’s Antiques, between Yale and Rutland. Maybe that’s because the interior has all those baffles and angles:

Once you’re buzzed in through the gate, you enter through a small reception area. A computer is set up for entertainment while you wait. Another door will take you to the “live room” which can accommodate an average sized band. . . . The live room has all kinds of stuff to prevent echos and “keep pure sound.” From ceiling diffusers to bass traps to an absence of right angles, everything is set up to prevent bounce backs and help the band get only the sounds they produce.

The exterior makes up for the lack of right angles in the recording studio inside. One of the owners, who lives in back of the building with her family, tells The Heights Life they like living in the “opposite of a neighborhood . . . full of activity during the day and then totally quiet at night.”