02/17/16 2:15pm

COMMENT OF THE DAY: WHERE TO GO TO AVOID A BAR FIGHT IN THE HEIGHTS Looming Townhomes“I remember well the battles between restaurants/bars and residents as the Montrose started to gentrify in the late 1990s. It never ceased to amaze me that someone would buy a pricey townhome right next to a long-established ice house, and then complain vociferously and try to run the business off. Mark my words, the Heights will reach that same tipping point, if it hasn’t already. As SuperDave said, those who fail to check out their prospective neighborhood at all times of day and night have only themselves to blame. But of course, they’d rather blame the business and try to turn the Heights into some ridiculous suburban ‘paradise.’ That’s what Katy is for, people!” [roadchick, commenting on Jilted Heights Post Office Spot To Move On as a New Mixed-Use Lowrise Complex] Illustration: Lulu

04/30/07 11:48am

803 Allston Street

Just in case you require more evidence the Heights has changed forever, here’s a two-bedroom, one-bath 1930 bungalow for sale with a small freestanding workshop in the back. Sounds like the old Heights, right? Except that the workshop has been converted . . . into a pub. Seats three!

This is a little confusing. Weren’t backyard workshops for drinking anyway? And is this the part of the Heights that’s still dry?

After the jump, pics of the secret backyard get-out house.