05/19/11 11:09am

Is this unassuming building on the same block as Irma’s Restaurant downtown Andy Fastow’s new Houston hangout? Federal prison officials wouldn’t confirm it to him, but Chron energy reporter Tom Fowler figures Fastow’s not-entirely-disclosed location has gotta be the Leidel Comprehensive Sanctions Center at 1819 Commerce St., 3 blocks north of the baseball stadium formerly known as Enron Field. Other recent Enronian visitors to the same facility: former chief accounting officer Richard Causey, who went home Tuesday; Enron Broadband’s Rex Shelby, who’s been there for about a week; and Fastow’s wife Lea, who visited for a month in 2005. Fastow may not stay long, though — Fowler reports he should be eligible for some form of in-home confinement as early as a month from now.

Photo: GEO Care

05/18/11 11:09am

ANDY FASTOW COMES HALFWAY HOME The Enron trial star rolled into town from Louisiana with an entourage yesterday to begin a 6-month stay in an unidentified Houston halfway house. The former CFO of Houston’s most famous company ever pled guilty to 2 charges of conspiracy for misleading investors about Enron’s pretty darn tricky financial situation; he began a 6-year sentence — marked down from 10 for some good testifyin’ — in 2006. Fastow is scheduled to be released on probation and go all the way home on December 17th. [Houston Chronicle]