07/01/11 5:29pm

SOUTH-OF-HOUSTON OUTLET MALL COMPETITION SETTLES ON TEXAS CITY Tanger Outlets had hoped to build a new mall in League City, but the land it had its eye on was sold at auction. So the company has announced it will be teaming up with rival mall developers Simon Property Group to build a mall in Texas City, where Simon was planning its own Galveston Premium Outlets instead. The new Tanger Outlets will sit on 55 acres on the west side of the Gulf Freeway, north of the Walmart Supercenter just south of the Holland Rd. exit. The first phase is expected to feature 90 stores in 350,000 sq. ft. Groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled for this month. [Tanger Outlets; previously on Swamplot]

01/13/11 12:29pm

The company behind the Houston Premium Outlets way up off 290 near Fairfield in Cypress has announced plans to build a similar outlet mall on the opposite side of Houston. Simon Property Group, also the owner of the Houston Galleria and the Katy Mills Mall, plans on calling the new 100-store, 350,000-sq.-ft. complex the Galveston Premium Outlets, but it’ll be located well north of the island in Texas City, just south of the Holland Rd. exit off I-45 and north of the Walmart Supercenter, on the west side of the freeway. From the drawing the company is passing around, the place should look a whole lot like its Cypress cousin, logo-tattooed tower and all.

The site is a 55-acre chunk of the stalled and probably flopped Lago Mar, a 7,000-home development announced 6 years ago.
The Galveston County Daily News‘s Laura Elder reports there are rumors another outlet mall is coming to the area as well, a couple of exits north on a 20-acre lot north of Cross Colony Dr. and west of FM 646 in Dickinson — this one from another national mall developer: Tanger Outlet Centers.

What’s the deal with the malls already in the area?


09/09/08 11:15am

BLOWING THIS WAY FROM TEXAS CITY [Sunday] night for about two hours, BP’s refinery released an estimated 2,725.59 pounds of sulfur dioxide when the pressure spiked during a planned shutdown — so if you were cruising through Texas City and noticed a suffocating smell that may have been it. Meanwhile, starting [Monday], and continuing for the next week, BP has three more emissions events scheduled that are related to maintenance and the aforementioned planned shutdown at the refinery. Through the magic of the Internet, you can determine the substances involved in the releases, which include benzene.” [Hair Balls]

09/09/08 9:35am

$325K FOR A 50-ACRE TEXAS CITY PARK? BP is staring at a $650,000 penalty for unauthorized land disposal of hazardous waste. . . . The penalty is not yet final but will probably come before the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality in October, an agency spokeswoman said. Half of the proposed $650,000 fine requires BP to buy a minimum of 50 acres of contiguous property in and around Texas City and make it suitable for park land. The company will be required to preserve the entire property in perpetuity as a park and nature preserve.” [Hair Balls]

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Plan of Grandeur ParkHouston’s middle-age spread continues:

Plan of Grandeur Park: Kickerillo Companies