06/12/18 4:45pm

Step up here for stamps 4080 Breakwood Dr., a 2-bed, 2-bath structure in the block-long row of townhomes that sits between Lakeland and Fordshire drives, just off the South Loop West. Not many interior walls divide the open space you step into upon entering the house, and the one that does is done up as the service counter you’d find in an old post office.

On its employees-only side, the previous owners finished the bedroom floor with pennies. Here’s a closer up view of their investment:


Floor in Mint Condition
04/02/14 12:30pm



Windows don’t appear to be a priority for the street facades of this 1966 townhome in Townhouse Manor, tucked into the South Loop’s swoop west of Stella Link. The curve of the recessed entry porch hugs the corner curb line of the property, which is located on the neighborhood’s remaining entry street extending from the westbound 610 feeder road a block away (a freeway sound wall has walled off the others). This low-slung home has a contemporary exterior, but neighboring 1- and 2-story townhomes feature the architectural flourishes of various neo-styles.


Side by Side by Side by Side
08/30/13 12:00pm

Tucked against the South Loop near Stella Link, a mishmash of townhomes mostly built in the mid-sixties and seventies has a somewhat newer neighbor in this 2003 home. It further expands that novelty status by including what could be the only open lot in the small neighborhood of lot-filling homes installed cheek-to-jowl and close to the meandering streets. The property (with property) landed on the market Thursday after refinishing its wooden floors and adding some new carpet and paint. It has a $499,000 asking price.