08/05/09 4:24pm

COMMENT OF THE DAY: IT’S THE CIRCLE OF BUILDING LIFE, AND IT MOVES US ALL “Gosh, I guess [I] would get away from debating the merits of antiquated cross ventilation systems vs. central air conditioning (a/c won out by the way). Or whether or not our rent is sufficiently cheap for a slum lord to maintain a viable apartment for this month and into the future. Pause just for a moment, hands off the pocket books for a second, to look at these images and contemplate the inevitable humbling the passage of time brings and how buildings just like people grow old, decay and die. Soon Old Wilshire will be gone and we will have a brand spanking new baby building we can all play with and tickle. Now won’t that be fun!” [Dimit, commenting on At Home in Houston’s Wilshire Village Apartments, Back in the Day]

05/22/09 2:54pm

NO, THE WILSHIRE VILLAGE APARTMENTS DIDN’T CATCH ON FIRE TODAY But the much smaller West Alabama Place apartments catty-corner to them, at 1648 W. Alabama, did: “Officials said eight upstairs units were damaged either by fire, smoke or water. The fire appeared to be in the attic above the units.” No injuries have been reported. [Houston Chronicle; previously on Swamplot]