Takeout Beer Sales at Breweries Could Become Legal Under Newly Proposed State Law

TAKEOUT BEER SALES AT BREWERIES COULD BECOME LEGAL UNDER NEWLY PROPOSED STATE LAW A pair of bills filed recently in Austin aim to let craft breweries across Teas sell beer at their facilities for “off-premises consumption,” reports Houston Public Media’s Katie Watkins. It’s not so unprecedented: According to the Texas Craft Brewers Guild, “Texas is currently the only state where customers can’t purchase a growler or six-pack to-go” at local breweries. (And on top of that, take-out sales of wine and spirits are already legal in Texas at wineries and distilleries.) If passed, the bills, S.B. 312 and H.B. 672 would apply only to breweries making less than 225,000 barrels a year and would set a limit on the amount of take-out product permitted for sale over that time span. Representative Eddie Rodriguez, the House democrat who filed the bill, put it this way to Watkins: “It’s 2019 and people are used to being able to get the things they want.” [Houston Public Media] Photo of Saint Arnold brewery: Marc Longoria

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  • let’s bring back the early 1980’s drive-through liquor stores!

  • Keep going!!! Dismantle the distributor monopoly!!!! And beer before noon on Sunday!!!!!

  • Pretty sure my local brewery ALREADY sells Growlers to go ? I know for a fact they sell aluminum “crowlers” to go (32 oz aluminum can, lidded after purchase)

  • The TABC gestapo will not allow any loosening of liquor regulations. Fines = funding.

  • cool, but let’s keep the focus on school finance reform

  • Alcohol distributors probably have the 2nd most powerful lobby in the state, lagging only the real estate lobby. Not coincidentally, the rigid 3-tier system in Texas is second only to 6% broker commissions as the most antiquated, anti-consumer practice in a state that purports to support the free market. Both of these practices serve only to enrich entrenched middlemen by keeping transactions costs un-necessarily high.

  • @Toby Let’s go further and allow liquor sales on Sunday too!

  • Amen Paul and Angostura!

  • You all have left off the new car dealer cartel too.