Taking More Than Half Off at Those Apartments with the French Quarter Look

TAKING MORE THAN HALF OFF AT THOSE APARTMENTS WITH THE FRENCH QUARTER LOOK How hot are those apartment specials? One complex is pushing a concept that’s even more unusual: a clothing optional sun deck. ‘I don’t know if anybody uses it or not,’ said George Renfro, who leased a two-bedroom apartment at the French Quarter-style complex called La Maison at River Oaks. ‘It’s up on the top floor and in a very secluded area.’” [Houston Chronicle]

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  • The question is, where is the nearest high rise where I can see the action from?

  • Why, 2727 Kirby, of course! Perhaps THAT explains why they’re so pricey!

  • Post Midtown is running at 98%+ for the last several years. City Centre Camden gave deals in there first year but not anymore because they are also at very high occupancy. The three complexes behind Post are also at similiar occupany rates. There is definitely demand if you build it in a pedestarian friendly part of a neighborhood.

  • Nudist sundeck + 1 hired model –> 100% occupancy

  • If “Nudist sundeck + 1 hired model –> 100% occupancy” was the case, then the Core (on Washington Ave) and Bel Air (on Allen Parkway) and many others in the similiar “scene” and price range would be at 100% occupancy too. But they are not. BTW, the Bel Air pool is really really nice!

  • I won’t name names, but I know of some management companies that do hire models to lounge about poolside or to work out in the fitness center. But I’ve never heard of the model being asked to ‘make use’ of a nudist sundeck.

    Are you saying that you’re aware of such a case? Yes/No will suffice.

  • I disagree about the Bel Air pool. I lived there. It was like a trashy frat party all the time. No models, believe me.