Taking Over for The Fairview at 315 Fairview: A Sushi Bar Called Sushi Bar

315-fairview st, Hyde Park, Montrose

315 fairview st, Hyde Park, MontroseUpdate: 3:45 p.m. Eater Houston reports that the name of the sushi bar will be Akamaru.

According to the permit in the window at 315 Fairview, the next occupant of the mixed-use building’s downstairs will be a restaurant named Sushi Bar. 

Most recently that area had been home to a lounge called The Fairview.

Prior to its incarnation as the Fairview, the building had housed the short-lived Montrose outpost of downtown institution Dean’s Credit Clothing.

Sushi Bar will be situated about halfway between Uchi and the Bluefish.


315-fairview st, Hyde Park, Montrose

This won’t be the first appearance of sushi in this building. It was  dished out on at least one special occasion at The Fairview, albeit not on traditional serving plates.

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  • I liked that place. Good location, good vibe (and I never use the word ‘vibe’, so…)

  • Nice.
    Every time I drive down Fairview I wonder how any city would collect property taxes, and do nothing to support businesses that are clearly supported by the community, then I remember this is Houston, TX.

  • Glen: Not sure what you’re trying to say? You mean because the road is bad and property tax should fix it? Or was there some other government support that wasn’t given to this business that should have or?

  • Eater says the name will be Akamaru.

  • Fairview is one of my favorite streets – sitting out front of Boheme and looking down Fairview – something surreal about it. Don’t change it.

  • Wow, smack in the middle of Uchi, Osaka, Crave, Fish, Blowfish, Gyu-Kaku, and the Azuma Group’s highly discussed izakaya place where Farrago used to be. Good luck to them, but I’m not real sure that corner screams out for a sushi bar…likely more successful if it’s more bar than sushi, there’s a dearth of actual cocktail places right near there.

  • mark: I’m with you. I’ve always loved Fairview. The first place I bought in Houston was on Fairivew. It’s a townhome. I still own it as a rental. I’ve listed it for sale a few times but did a crappy job marketing it as I sort of want to keep it :) Plus the type of buyer I like to deal with (“I see your home on HAR. I like it. Let’s go close”) never came, and I hate doing 100 showings.

  • That used to be where you went to get mugged walking between gay bars, now it’s hipster central. Not gonna lie – still resent that the straights have taken over Montrose – and places like Boheme are living proof – great place to take a hip chick on a date to show how cool and accepting you can be, while still dude-bro-ing it up. Alas…I guess the area is just growing up.

  • I’m sure this will be a great restaurant but Hyde Park has some bittersweet memories for me. I still remember when Henry VIII would want me to go hunting with him he was such an oddball . I still remember this one time whoops I’ve said too much!