Tattooed in Willowbrook: Pulte Makes a Lasting Impression

Tattoo Ad for Pulte Homes in Willowbrook in Houston Press

Media-specific marketing helps bring everybody together! Just wait until the buyers of new Pulte homes in Willowbrook lured by this uh, interesting ad in this week’s Houston Press move in next door to folks attracted to the neighborhood by some very different marketing.

Tattoo fans: Watch the video below and meet your new neighbors!


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Great video . . . now just where is that neighborhood they’re talking about?

Image: Houston Press

One Comment

  • I live there. The neighborhood in the video isn’t ours (we’re much better looking).
    We’re pretty committed to Willowbrook (enough to invest in), but I don’t know if I’m ready to get the tattoo just yet. ;)


    PS. I dig the ad!