Ban and Bake Sale for White Oak Music Hall; Hurricane Ike’s Last Blue Tarps


Photo of Buffalo Bayou Park: Ruben S. via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • “Houston First identified five reasons that Houston was losing convention business, two of which they were able to address – a lack of hotels within walking distance to the George R. Brown Convention Center and Houston’s lack of a “destination” appeal”

    So they addressed ONE reason (Houston will never have “destination appeal” … it’s a working town. Period.)
    My question is what were the other three reasons? Weather is probably one. Traffic could be another. In any case Houston will NEVER be the big leagues for convention business.

  • Why does anyone want to be big in the convention business anyways? It’s a horrible low growth business model that every city with a failing/lagging downtown corridor and massively underutilized infrastructure tries to jump into. Look at how much money municipalities have poured into the convention biz in the past 10yrs and it’s growth rate. It’s absurdly retarded.

  • Also, just amazing what our city can do in jeopardizing huge sums of taxpayer money to help southampton fight off developers and laughable amounts of “increased traffic” and then turn a blind eye to communities having to do “garage & bake sales” just to fight to keep their children’s sanity and dignity.

  • damn…. if i could get away with replacing a tarp every eight years….. would beat the heck outta asphault every 20-30