Texaco Redo a Go: The Next Residential Highrise Downtown To Begin Construction Soon

Provident Realty closed yesterday on the former Texaco Building at 1111 Rusk, catty-corner from BG Group Place, and says it will begin renovations and new construction on this Hnedak Bobo Group-designed residential highrise just as soon as it can get the permits.

Yesterday’s announcement doesn’t specify how high the new highrise will rise, but info that Swamplot published in May suggest that it could stand as tall as 38 stories. Houston Business Journal reports that the project, on the block bound by Fannin, San Jacinto, Capitol, and Rusk, will tap into the tunnels, and there will be 309 units in all, with a 550-car parking garage and 8,000-sq.-ft. of ground-floor retail.


Renderings: Hnedak Bobo Group

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  • Looks like it was designed by J.J. Abrams.

  • I literally like everything about this project. Now it’s all about the follow-through.

  • Looks good… glad to see they aren’t tearing down the Texaco building.

  • I like it. Hopefully these new residential projects will help downtown turn the corner.

  • But where will I relieve myself while my beloved arches are being renovated???

  • Would it have killed them to use actual downtown Houston buildings as the background, instead of some Oz fantasy in place of the baseball stadium (and nothing to speak of where actual downtown stands)?

  • Hopefully they will have a rooftop bar!

  • Looks like the new tower is for a later phase of the project, and this is just renovation plus the garage and maybe penthouse, if the square footage is only 40k. Also I’d be surprised if $95m is enough to do everything pictured.

  • Picture #1 uses buildings from downtown Atlanta. But hey, Houston, Atlanta, they’re all the same right?

  • This is the second rendering of a downtown building I have seen with an H&M at the bottom. Maybe with a couple of thousand well-to-doers living downtown they could justify such an enterprise.

  • would it kill people to not bitch about something for once?? Its an awesome looking project and I’m excited about it. Who gives a crap about the background image….

  • This would be an apt opportunity to remind everybody that developers’ renderings are not a social contract.

  • @ ShadyH – well, Atlanta IS east north east of Houston, so I suppose this is just a full time zone’s worth of f stop.

  • Hopefully, removing the pestilential pit on this block is not part of a later development.

  • @WR – I was recently in NYC and did a couple of the better known rooftop bars (Haven at the Sanctuary Hotel and Gallow Green at the Mckittrick Hotel) and found them both to be pretty meh (Gallow Green was the better of the two). But they both seemed to be doing great business (@ $20/drink)so I figure some people like them. I guess they just aren’t for me.

  • who is going to live here?

  • heightsguy- It looks as though the residential tower is going to sit on the pestilential pit. Though I am somewhat fond of the pestilential pit, this development would be a tremendous improvement.

  • @benny

    Residential demand downtown outstrips supply right now. Everything is above 90% occupancy. The last tower built, One Park Place, has been very successful

  • Great that their saving the old Texaco Headquarters, what a great old building. Years ago a developer looked into making it a Ritz Carlton. The high rise looks cool, but yeah Atlanta in the back ground was very sloppy of the developer, we’ll see if this actually gets built

  • “who is going to live here?”


  • @Walt Haven & Gallow Green are some of NYC’ better known rooftop bars?
    Me thinks not.

  • Atlanta wishes it was going up there! How nice for our city!

  • It’s going to be interesting to see how the new section will relate to the BG building nearby, with the older parts in between…which was the point of my whinge about sticking in a random skyline. I’m normally pretty good at visualizing what’s not there, but this background is just too distracting.

  • But with such a tall building where will THE BIRDS FLY! And what about the “feelings” of the people who live and work this new building…. with a new building next door they will all feel bad about the buildings their in. We should debate this, have town meetings and protest it!!!! I mean the wind will have to blow around this new building, versus how it just freely blows over the block now. BOOHOO

  • Exciting news! Great to see old buildings get revived and mixing in with the new.

  • I wonder if it will have a grocery store?

  • Beautiful project. A future classic on top of a current classic.

  • I like it. I hope the light the top of both new and old buildings. Houston’s skyline will soon be knocking on Chicago’s skyline and has already blown away LA’s.