Texas Children’s Facilities To Be Parked Next to Stationary Bernie’s Burger Bus Between 22nd and 23rd

2200 Yale St., Heights, Houston, 77008

The latest addition to the street-fronting retail strip planned for the former Alabama Furniture Store site at 2200 Yale St. appears to be a pair of Texas Children’s urgent and less-urgent care facilities. The medical groups are named as tenants in a pair of Braun Enterprises leasing documents filed with the county (which include the 90-degrees-off siteplan above). That’s the planned 3rd non-mobile location of Bernie’s Burger Bus shown on the far right, at the south end of the strip; the other 2 children-themed businesses are shown taking up the remaining 13,112 sq.ft. of leasable space in the center.

A 68-spot parking lot is depicted behind the Yale-facing center, which runs between W. 22nd and W. 23rd streets; the former sites of Fashion Touch Cleaners and Midtown Floors were permitted for destruction about the same time as the now-departed furniture store.


Bernie’s will be competing with the nearby McDonald’s at the corner of Yale with 21st for the attention of both 2125 Yale apartment dwellers and Hamilton Middle School students; depending on the final layout of the new strip center, the bus-themed burger joint may command a view of the dog-walking action around LEED-certified Friends For Life pet adoption building to the east on 22nd.

Image: Harris County District Clerk

Assigning Seats on Yale St.

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  • Decent example of the maximum that can be built as-of-right in Houston; 5′ setback, 4 parking spots/1000′ in the rear.
    What’ll be interesting to see is how much of the building is actually accessible from the Yale side. Bernie’s will likely have access from both sides; counter-serve restaurants are conducive to multiple entrances. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the only all-day doors for Texas Children’s face the rear parking lot. To make street fronting retail work, you really need curb parking (or a couple of 5-minute transit routes).

  • Never thought I’d live to say it, but all of these Urgent Care clinics are making me wish for the good ol’ days of banks and mattresses

  • @nord, They are actually emergency rooms. Where else but America can a doctor from Ecuador set up shop in a strip center and bill at a rate of $10,000 an hour to diagnose stuff so simple you only need web md and basic literacy to figure out. Expect to see more emergency rooms

  • @Nord, when you’ve ruptured your MCL during a Sunday adult rec league soccer game, you’ll be glad there’s an Urgent Care where you can been seen immediately by a real sports med doctor for about $100 vs. an emergency center where you’ll wait in the triage line behind the gunshots and heart attacks (and rightfully so) and end up paying thousands of dollars for the privilege.
    @Commenter7, there are big differences between the urgent care places and the emergency room places: availability, cost, and the range of things they’ll treat. You might want to learn the difference between them before you need one.

  • At least it’s not Memorial Hermann.

  • @Commenter7 Actually there are few urgent clinics in the Heights (and none specific to children), and Texas Children’s is a highly reputable hospital system with excellent doctors. Most of the office space will be a pediatric clinic, which again is not in the Heights. I’d much rather this than a mattress store.

  • At least Texas Children’s is a legit organization with great docs (unlike the popups around town with insane rates, fancy food and espresso machines).