Texas Population Reaches New Heights as Home Prices Slow; A New Name and Opening Date for Beaver’s Successor on Decatur

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  • Re: LGBTQ memorial
    How long until a Trump supporter or a Christian activist defaces it? Spread hate, not love right?

  • @HIBTK…Probably not long considering all the ignorant Trumpers, Repugs and hypocritical “religious” sheep in and around the area. Houston after all is in Texas and was Trumps top presidential campaign contributor. Also, let’s not forget Houstonians clearly stated they don’t support the LGBT community by voting down the HERO ordinance a few years back. The largest city in the US without such LGBT protections. So wear that scarlet letter with the shame you deserve Houston because you still have a very long way to go on taking care of your own LGBT community.

  • Well HIBTK, lately it has not been Trump supporters or Christian activists who have been defacing memorials, toppling statues and destroying history that they do not like. Think Taliban, ISIS and American liberals for that.

  • ^so, you hate Christians and trump supporters and don’t understand irony? Got it.

  • LGBTQ….A…. what about the A? All of a sudden they forget about the Allies? What a microaggression by the LGBTQ community

  • Thank you Turning Basin. So well stated.

  • In defense of HIBTK: Below are links to two Houston stories about those who hate gays. The first is the recent vandalizing of the Pride Wall at Jenni’s noodle house. The second, the aftermath of the gay-bashing murder of Paul Broussard in Montrose.
    For as much as turning_basin or Barks want to deflect from this history and claim victim status for their own kin, hateful acts against gays are well known to anybody who cares to remember. I hope that everybody respects the LGBTQ memorial, but I won’t hold my breath over it.

  • As someone that didn’t vote for Trump, and don’t really care for the guy, it’s still obvious that it’s not the right that’s defacing, smashing, yelling, protesting, and trying to limit free speech (I seriously just saw an article saying that ‘free speech is code for racism’. What happened to the ACLU?
    I realize that the media loves a boogie man but I don’t think anyone has anything to fear from the 25 KKK members that are living in the back woods of some swamp somewhere.
    Ed: What does Hero have to do with LGBT rights? “T” maybe — but even that’s a stretch. Odd how till 15 minutes ago, this didn’t seem to be an issue or almost never caused a problem.