Texas Tile Manufacturing Moving to Alabama; Grand Parkway Crime Wave

i-10 at us-59

Photo of I-10 at US-59: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Re: The Heights, oh so you’ve created a new little fiefdom where people with power trips are the only ones that will ever even desire to engage in public service, and it has poor accountability, and you didn’t pay attention to the devil in the details when you voted for the legislation. Oh, poor you. I’m so sad. Boo hoo!

    Re: The Grand Parkway and crime, that’s an issue of correlation being confused for causality. The problem is that there are more people and more business establishments. And most of them would probably exist as a function of regional growth and of where the preferred schools are located within the region, with or without the Grand Parkway having been built.

  • Re:
    The really dangerous people are from Cypress, not the ghettos. Now the Grand Parkway just makes it easier for the Cypress folks to come to your town.

  • Cinco Ranch on its path to becoming the next Alief. Really suburbanites, why do you honestly keep believing your sterile, sprawling neighborhoods and your mock town centers will make you immune to any sort of future decline? History has taught us otherwise in older suburban Houston neighborhoods.

  • Yes! Us Cypressfolk are coming, Katy…to your Garden Ridge, and your World Market, and even your Pier1! Even though we have our own Pier1! Oh yes! Nothing can stop us now! *twirls mustache*

  • My son’s school is near 59 and the Grand Parkway, so I go there a lot. I’m definitely seeing the start of a demographic shift out there. It’s mostly in the housing prices. (Everything drops $100,000 the minute you cross the Grand Parkway.). But also, you see some pretty ghetto people walking around here and there: grown men riding kids bicycles under freeway overpasses….
    It’s funny because I talked to a guy who lives out there and his family originally was in Westbury. They left for Fort Bend County because Westbury was too ghetto. Looks like they’ll be leaving again soon. To Fulshear maybe? And then Victoria?

  • A builder bails out of the Heights because HAHC would not let him build the largest house in the western historic district because it was out of scale. The Heights is officially paradise.

  • Where do these poor people get the nerve to be poor where we have to see it? Can’t they just stay in their poor neighborhoods so we don’t have to think about them anymore?

  • ZAW, that area (Crabb River Road just south of 59) has always been decidedly middle class. It’s an older area, not all hoity toity like Sugar Land proper.

  • @ ZAW: Yeah, its worth remembering that Richmond and Rosenberg are not especially well-off economically. That, and Richmond has both the county courthouse traffic, as well as the Richmond State Supported Living Center (a.k.a. Richmond State School for the Mentally Retarded) and that families of persons housed there tend to locate nearby. There are a lot of new subdivisions nearby, and this area took the early spillover of homes built at a lower price point. There are also sizable communities of very nice homes at higher price points — but they aren’t as dense and so they don’t make as much of a dent in what is typical of the demographics there.

    The thing is, Sugar Land is pretty much built out now. That demand for housing at a higher price point will have to go somewhere and I’ll bet that it ends up somewhere…most of it near or beyond the Grand Parkway, sort of by default.

  • Memebag and Oldschool for comment of the day, dead heat tie.

  • HAHC officially sucks. Bastian would have built some awesome houses there. I think it’s time for him to turn that lot into a food truck parking area. Or, just leave the remaining walls up for a couple of years.

  • Ghetto? Pffft.
    Grown men riding kids’ bicycles around underpasses are just collecting parts so that they can upgrade their informal living space to include a semi-geodisic sleeping dome made of bike spokes and empty 40# dog food bags. Also, spoke-less wheels, when stacked, fastened and covered in seat vinyl can mimic a portable toilet.
    Christ, have some respect for American ingenuity.
    Love and hugs from I-45 and Scott St.

  • Don’t be hatin’…

    There is a grown man who rides his bike down my street all the time…he rents the garage apartment from one of my neighbors. He’s lived there for as long as I have (>5 years) and is actually one of the best neighbors on our street. From time to time he does odd jobs for cash around the block, but mostly he just keeps to himself and rides his bike to and from the local convenience store, grocery store and Walgreens. He always waves and says hi when riding by. Definitely not a threat, and not a sign of the neighborhood going to shit.