That Fishy Tanglewilde Condo

3780 Tanglewilde St. #609, Houston

Here’s a great idea: Let’s deck out a 1980s two-bedroom, two-story Tanglewilde condo. It’ll look really sophisticated and sell fast, too! First, add the sleek blond leather furniture. Then build a dramatically lit aquarium into the dining area, so you can see the back of it . . . from the kitchen! That’s gotta help this baby sell for big bucks.

Except sixteen months later, it’s still on the market. The asking price has dropped from $129,900 to $109,900, but it’s been sitting at that last number for more than 10 months. And more reductions seem inevitable: Just a few doors down, an unstaged version popped up for sale 8 days ago, and has already reduced its price to $99,000.

After the jump, more pics of the Tanglewilde leather-and-aquarium bachelor pad!


This place has it all! Forlorn eighties exterior? Check!

Exterior of 3780 Tanglewilde St. #609, Houston

Fireplace-stereo-plasma-TV console? Check!

Living Room of 3780 Tanglewilde St. #609, Houston

Supersize bed with animal-print pillows? Check!

Bedroom of 3780 Tanglewilde St. #609

A few points off for that red boa over the bedroom mirror, and the draped chain of dangling whatsits in the dining room below. But look at the shiny bluish glow of that aquarium!

Dining Room of 3780 Tanglewilde St. #609, Houston

Kitchen of 3780 Tanglewilde St. #609, Houston

Easy seafood dinners from the other side!