That One Chance To Buy Your Neighbor’s Mansion in Shadyside

THAT ONE CHANCE TO BUY YOUR NEIGHBOR’S MANSION IN SHADYSIDE “These houses turn over once in a lifetime and if you miss the opportunity, you’re screwed,” declares an unidentified Shadyside resident in Terrence McCoy’s Houston Press cover story — about that epic lawsuit that residents and watchers of the gated neighborhood just north of Rice University have been whispering about for the last several years. “That house will never come up again. If you want to control your destiny, you have to buy the house. You got to get it and if you don’t get it, you’re screwed.” [Houston Press; slideshow] Photo of Shadyside: Alex Stoll

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  • If that’s the case (and I believe it), then why would one megalomaniac have the chance to have two? The movie War of the Roses comes to mind.

    There’s more to it of course.

  • Disgusting. And that’s just the houses.

  • Like the hood, but not that much.

  • i could think of few things more miserable than living next to a bunch of old doctors and lawyers

  • I read about this oil guy somewhere else and thought, what a jerk!

    He is using his daughter in the most despicable way. So the doctor neighbor is no prince either, at least they’re equal in that respect.

    And he said his daughter would not be able to live in “their” home after he and his wife are gone. Why not? It could be redone to accommodate her just as easily as the one the neighbor owns next door, right?

    I’ve seen photos of his daughter and she is a lovely young lady. It must make him feel terribly impotent, knowing that all his money cannot cure her illness.

  • I can’t even imagine living like this! Okay. I’m imagining. right now. and I like it!