That Sixties Stoner House in Braes Heights

Dude! Decorating an older home with flagstones is so choice! They go anywhere — floors, walls. All it takes is a little of that sticky stuff and a little, you know: imagination.

And there’s no heavy lifting, cuz you’re just sticking it on!

Like this one place, in Braes Heights? It was built in the early sixties. Wait’ll you see what we did to the garage!


I mean, sure, everybody expects maybe a flagstone entryway

and your granite countertops.

But people go wild for a smokin’ little flagstone patio,

and you can wow ’em with a stone fireplace so easy!

But then — get this — flagstone floors in the Family and Kitchen!

Yeah, the backsplash stuff comes in squares,

same as the showers.

You want a little cooler stone around the pool, but you do this little fountain thing at the end? Beauty.

The house? Oh, mostly brick. Why do you ask?

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