That West Gray Tilt-Up Is Up

A reader sends in a photo of the Arch-Con tilt-up office building going up at 1335 West Gray just west of Waugh, across from The Tavern on Gray — and asks:

This has got to be the first ever tilt up building inside the loop, right?

The 21,000-sq.-ft. building was planned to house the Houston headquarters for general contractor Arch-Con on the third floor, next to the terrace. Scraped bungalows will make room for an adjacent surface parking lot. The architect’s website notes there will be “additional parking on the first floor.” Stream Realty has two 7,466-sq.-ft. floor plates listed for lease.

Renderings of the finished building, from Ziegler Cooper Architects:


Photo: Swamplot inbox. Renderings: Ziegler Cooper Architects.

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  • It’s not the first building of its kind in the loop. They are everywhere if “in-the-loop” is the criteria. If you said Montrose, then you might be right.

  • Even then, just about every new CVS is a tilt wall building. They really are everywhere.

  • they tore down my grandparents house for this….=(

  • I see that others have already commented on the tilt, but just about all strip malls and warehouses, Petsmarts and Staples are born this way. As a non-builder, I still find it amazing how fast they go up.

  • It’s the modern marvel of lightweight concrete.

  • Multi-story tilt-walls are a bit more rare. My office building, Al’s Formal Wear on Main at Kirby, was erected in the early 80s. A news story in our archives says the 55’4.25″ tall walls were the tallest installed in Houston at the time although stories of this type are prone to hyperbole. -grin-

  • First ever? As others have noted, not even close. I work in a tilt-wall constructed in 2001, that’s about 30 ft high. INSIDE THE LOOP.

  • I think it is nice. A little positive attitude would do wonders for your moods around here; ya’ll can be a bunch of negative Nellies! GEEZ!

  • Danielle,
    I quite agree with you. Anything that appears to be brand new and happen to knock down an old bungalow to exist seems to destroy some people’s day on this site (and others).

    It’s not bad. It’s on a major street at a major intersection. To me this building is logically placed where you would think it should go.

  • Only in Houston would this box be seen as being “logically placed.” Tell that to the neighbors in the single story bungalow next door…

  • Eventually ever neighborhood will have a home on the edge against something different. That’s where this building is.

  • Only in Houston would this box be seen as being “logically placed.” Tell that to the neighbors in the single story bungalow next door…
    Let’s see…the adjacent intersection has a dental office, Sports Bar, Well’s Fargo and Public Storage on each respective corner.

    Sounds like a “logically placed” commercial center to me.

  • Doofus is just making the typical argument looking at on side of an issue. In this case one side of this building.

  • I can’t believe no one has commented on the fact that the lead tenant, a contractor, is named Arch-Con.

  • the name sound funny, i know, but Arch-con is a stand up firm. Congrats on the new space, Michael!

  • My dad is the dude who is building this multi-story building. He is the one who wears the glasses walking around. Wears the arch-con shirt. haha