The 2011 Swamplot Awards for Houston Real Estate Begin This Week

It is that time — already. Swamplot’s annual end-of-the-year review of the best, most, and much too much of Houston’s local real-estate scene begins this week. And we need your help to select the winners.

Later today, we’ll announce the first 2 categories for the fourth annual Swamplot Awards for Houston Real Estate — the Swampies. And we’ll continue with the remaining categories over the rest of the week. The awards honor the neighborhoods, developments, designs, personalities, dreams, and absurdities that continue to make Houston real estate so entertaining.

For each category, we’ll need your help to come up with the right slate of official nominees. You be the judge: What was notable in 2011? What caught your eye and wouldn’t let go? What valiant efforts are deserving of recognition? And what brilliant comments can you add to encapsulate the story?

As always, all nominations and votes for these awards will come from Swamplot readers. We hope you’ll participate and join in the fun!

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  • That gypsy house on memorial just outside of the beltway needs to nominated for something (Highest percentage of paved property, Most Gray House, Most dead animals per sqft, etc)

    What about a neighborhood teardown showdown in the mcmansion turnover areas (77025, 77079, 77007, 770401, etc)?

    There have been alot of grocery store news this year, so I think the new stores need to fight it out.

    And of course, with freeway expansion continuing, which nieghborhood most likely to be destroyed by TXDOT should be considered.

  • “Most Over-the-top Hysterical Comment regarding the Heights Wal-mart”

  • “High-Concept (store, bar, restaurant) Most Likely to Fail Quickly”

    “Saddest Loss of a Local Institution” (e.g. Harold’s)

    “Most Insensitive Re-Model” (e.g. Alabama Theatre)

    “Most Surprising or Incongruous Building” (e.g. Tien Tao Temple)

  • “Best use of Forbidden Gardens miniature replica terra cotta warrior”

    “Best retail/restaurant new location fake-out” (aka what is up with that Trader Joes?)

    “Most redundant new inner-loop apartment complex design”

    “Best new townhouse farm neighborhood inside the loop”

    “Most decrepit and inadequate infrastructure in a residential
    neighborhood per sq ft market price”

  • Most improved Neighborhood-Alden place… Ahem poop on you brooke smith.. :)

  • “Best HAR photo of the day” (that lovely bathroom accessory…)

  • “Most Irresponsible 380 Agreement”

    I know which one would win the vote already, just due to its indirect association with a particular retail brand, but perhaps it would expose some of the other crap-tastic decisions made by our elected officials.

  • @ #7

    And it would be so much fun hearing(reading) all the entries.

    But really, how many 380s were there in 2011?

  • How about a happier one, something like “Best Adaptive Re-use” or “Most Sympathetic Major Re-model.”