The 2014 Swamplot Awards for Houston Real Estate Start Today

The moment you’ve been waiting for is here: Swamplot’s annual awards program begins now.

That’s right. Now through the end of December, we’ll be hosting the seventh annual Swamplot Awards for Houston Real Estate — aka the Swampies — right here.

If you’re new around these parts, or need a little refresher, the Swampies honor the designs, developments, neighborhoods, peculiarities, and personalities that make Houston, well, Houston. But they won’t do that well without your help.

Starting today, we’ll be announcing the awards’ 7 categories one by one. For each category, we’ll need your invaluable input to come up with the official slate of nominees. You can submit your own nominations either by leaving a comment on the post announcing the category or emailing us (just be sure to put the name of the category in the subject line). We want to hear what you think deserves recognition this year — and why. The better you can explain why, the better chance you’ll nominee will have of landing on the official ballot.

Year to year, categories, nominees, and winners may change, but the soul of the Swampies remains the same — they’re your awards. You make the nominations, you stuff the ballot box with your votes. We hope you’ll join in the fun!


The 2014 Swampies

3 Comment

  • I recommend an award category for “Real Estate predictions gone wrong”. For example, as a Heights resident, I was told ad nauseam how building a Wal-Mart on Yale was going to negatively impact my property values, and lead to increased trash in the neighborhood….With tear-downs now selling for $325+, and nary a single plastic Wal-Mart bag seen on my many excursions, I’d have to say this was an inaccurate prediction.

  • Category: most likely to start the war. Nominees include neighborhood mentions that are most likely to start a flame war. No matter how tangential, any mention of the ‘hood in comments starts a predictable back-and-forth.

    — Montrose is not the real Montrose anymore vs money changes things and get over it
    — Heights should care more vs stop whining.
    — Sharpstown isn’t that bad vs it is a hell-hole
    — Suburbs are terrible, soulless, traffic-making wastelands vs they are necessary bastions for good school for the masses

  • I hope one of the Categories is “Listing Photo of the Year”. So many good ones….”Hotter than Hell”, “Reflecting Further”, “Fully Loaded”!