The 2021 World Transplant Games Are Coming to Houston

THE 2021 WORLD TRANSPLANT GAMES ARE COMING TO HOUSTON After 41 years abroad, the World Transplant Games will be returning to the U.S. — and their location of choice, as announced by the city yesterday: Houston. When the international competition for those who’ve undergone organ swaps made its last stateside stop in New York, it was a young tradition: just 2 years old. Since then, the annual tournament (originally biannual before the introduction of the every-other-year winter games in 1994) has hit every continent and now features more than 50 events including cycling, swimming, racquet sports, and bowling — open to any body-part recipient age 4 to 80. Earlier this year, the competition’s winters games wrapped up in Anzere, Switzerland with nearly 70 member countries in attendance. Before that, the coastal Spanish town of Málaga played host to last year’s summer events. [City of Houston; more info] Photo of crowd at 2017 games in Málaga, Spain: World Transplant Games

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  • I was going to say that its takes a lot of guts to compete in these……..uuhhhhh
    I mean if you’ve got the heart. for it….ewehh
    What I’m trying to say is that I’d give my left nut to……
    Never mind.

  • Houston hosted these games a few years ago. I volunteered, and it was a great experience. Everyone was so nice and happy to be alive and competing. They also talked openly about their transplants and some of the people were in fantastic shape.