The 29-Story Apartment Tower Hanover Is Really Building at BLVD Place

Okay, scratch that image displayed here yesterday of the Hanover Company’s new apartment tower in BLVD Place from your memory banks — it was just an early study. Replace it with these 2 images, showing the updated design by Chicago architects Solomon Cordwell Buenz. And plug in this measurement as metadata: 29 stories. The drawing above shows how the 358-unit building would look from Post Oak Ln., just behind the long-promised Galleria Whole Foods Market. The view below is from one of the Four Leaf Towers to the north, at San Felipe and Skylark:


Construction on the project is now scheduled to begin in December.

Images: Solomon Cordwell Buenz

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  • Yep, much better image. I to like how it’ll blend into the office buildings by using similar materials and colors versus standing out several other residential towers do.

  • OH no!! We should all go park our cars over there this afternoon to show how bad the traffic will be once construction begins.

  • @ SFP I agree, too much traffic.

  • So this will go on the little strip of land along the outside of Sky Lark Ln.? That’s not the site of the previous tower designs: the area enclosed by Sky Lark Ln., Post Oak Ln., and San Felipe is.
    This design leaves that area open, meaning the previous tower designs may not be off the table entirely.

  • I wonder why they would want to put a residential tower in an area with offices and retail all around it? It will barely be noticed there amongst all the other highrises and commercial activity. If they’d talked to one of the principals over at Buckhead Partners, I’m sure they would have recommended buying a lot on, say, Tanglewood Rd. and building it there.

  • An enterprising cat burglar should track the timing of the next Ashby protest.

  • @ShadyHeightster: There are at least 8 residential towers within 5 blocks of this site. Two right across the street. Not to mention at least a dozen low- and mid-rise apartment and condo structures. The area is heavily residential as well.

  • ShadyHeighster,

    Houston isn’t the only place that residential towers go up in single family residential locations. It happens in many cities and especially in many European cities with heavy and strict zoning laws.

  • @ShadyHeightster, @Golyadkin: This comment section seriously needs a /sarcasm emoticon.

  • I like it. Modern and sleek.

  • Now it is starting to look like a Ritz Carlton Hotel…….getting better, but no more apartments!!!!!!!!

  • Hey everybody – we need to kill all the new jobs and growth happening in Houston so no more apartments get built! It’ll make Charles happy. Got that?

  • Not jaw dropping by any means, but it looks a lot better now!

  • Still sad. The previous designs for this tower were SO much better. I understand they want to spend less money now, but it doesn’t need to be this bland.

  • Just what The Galleria needs another luxury high rise condominium. I swear they’re going to build up that area to the extent you won’t be able to go any where let alone drive through it. So how many more luxury high rises and office buildings do we really need in an area that already has too much? Apparently we haven’t reached the point of saturation yet.
    Here’s an idea that’s a winner, building a toll road that goes completely underground and bypasses entire Galleria altogether, how much you would be to pay one way for this convenience? I’m thinking $5 but you might be able to talk me up. If you don’t feel that way currently you will eventually!

  • @Fat Cat: I really don’t think this is the final choice replacing the previous designs released. This is on a completely different piece of land from those towers.

  • @Golyadkin: but it is in the same development, and Hanover will certainly not build both. So it is a replacement, even if a few feet away.