The 3 Trader Joe’s Grocery Stores Coming to the Houston Area

Trader Joe’s has at last confirmed the second and third of the 3 stores that’ll constitute the idiosyncratic grocer’s Houston invasion. If you’ve been following Swamplot, you already know about these locations: In addition to the already announced shopping-center add-on in The Woodlands (recent construction photo at top), there’s another to be constructed in suburban-style big-corniced splendor (midde photo, above) on Voss just north of San Felipe. And yes — the company is now ready to admit — one in the just-decimated hollows of the once-grand Alabama Theater, last known as the Alabama Bookstop bookstore (bottom photo above).


That gutted theater location at 2922 S. Shepherd will be the biggest of the 3, at 14,500 sq. ft., and the only store to have entrances on 2 sides. The Memorial location at 1440 S. Voss will measure 14,000 sq. ft. The Woodlands Crossing Shopping Center store at 10868 Kuykendahl will be 500 sq. ft. smaller than that. All 3 stores are expected to open before the end of the year.

Images: Swamplot inbox (Woodlands), Trader Joe’s (Voss), and Weingarten Realty (Alabama Theater)

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  • The memorial location looks like a cvs and Walgreens design. . .

  • At that square footage, it is the same size as a CVS or Walgreens. It’s likely that TJ’s took over an old location of one of the drugstores.

  • I believe the Petsmart in the Alabama theatre strip also has entrances on both sides…

  • Is this the place that sales “five buck chuck” wine? Formerly “three buck chuck” before “quantative easing”

  • sells

  • The whole Ala. center has always had front and back access.

  • Site work started today on the Voss location. They’re removing the foundation of the shopping center that was there.

  • Drove by the Voss site yesterday on the way to the gym – they were tearing up the slab of the old building (or something to that effect…).

  • Pretty damn sure the article meant the only TRADER JOE’s location to have an entrance on both sides.

    I’m glad TJ is coming to Montrose, but this is going to be a parking nightmare.

  • People … please … there will be plenty of parking. If its anything like the other TJs, there will also be a generous amount of bike racks.

  • Am I the only one who doesn’t know what the big deal is? I don’t mean that in a cynical way. I’m just not familiar with the chain. Maybe I will just have to check one of them out when they open.

  • It’s OK, Chris. It really isn’t that big a deal. Don’t get me wrong — I’ve been to a couple and they are a great grocer option, especially if don’t want to contend with a massive Kroger or HEB and want a good selection of organic items. But nothing to get in a tizzy about.

  • They have exceptional specialty foods at great prices. It is a big deal if you enjoy quality without the horrendous Whole Foods prices. They have friendly helpful staff in spades. You can find help without having to send out a safety flair. Clean, well maintain stores, an ever rotating roster of items, unique house brand, exceptional quality wines at rock bottom prices.Amazing frozen entrees, fresh produce, desserts, and limited staples…Nope, not a big deal at all. They are owned by the same German conglomerate that owns Aldi.

  • We need one in Sugar Land! Preferably NORTH of Hwy 90a in the historic hip area, not in First Colony crammed in with everything else.

  • @Chris: No, you’re certainly not the only one. “No” is pretty much the answer to any “Am I the only…?” question.

    Visit one and decide for yourself. It’s a subjective matter just like any preference on any other matter.

  • Hdtex, get a room!

  • Why couldn’t these other abandoned theaters strip out the interior, fill it up with cement and put in a Trader Joe’s, too??

    They’re so passé.

  • Only in Houston would they stick one in a strip mall.

  • sidegate – Not true at all. The 3 Atlanta stores are in strip malls, as are a crapload around L.A.

    And HDtex basically hit the nail on the head…