The 8-Story Apartment Building Kicking El Tiempo 1308 Cantina Off Montrose Blvd. Won’t Touch U-Plumb-It or Gibbs Boats

El Tiempo 1308 Cantina, 1308 Montrose Blvd., North Montrose, Houston

El Tiempo 1308 Cantina, 1308 Montrose Blvd., North Montrose, HoustonIf future residents of the new 8-story apartment building that’s being planned to go up in place of the El Tiempo 1308 Cantina and quite a few of its neighboring buildings don’t want to wait around for management to fix their leaky faucets, they won’t have far to go to find spare washers or other plumbing parts. Neighboring fix-it-yourself plumbing supply store U-Plumb-It will likely still be around to sell them parts and hand out advice — because it won’t be included in the redevelopment. But everything north of it, on the block bounded by Marconi St., West Clay St., and Montrose Blvd. will. Developer Sunrise Luxury Living is planning to build 5 stories of apartments — 220 units in all — over 3 levels of parking, a source tells Swamplot. Plans currently include some sort of retail component on the bottom floor, facing Montrose Blvd.


Aerial View of 1308 Montrose Blvd. Properties, North Montrose, Houston

The new development will spread over 1.85 acres, or approximately two-thirds of the block that extends from West Clay to West Gray, including the residences facing Marconi St. The properties were assembled from 5 different sellers. U-Plumb-It (pictured below), Gibbs Boats, and a smaller property on the southwest corner of the block that’s part of the Gibbs Boats compound but is under separate ownership are the only properties on the block that won’t be torn down for the new development.

U-Plumb-It, 1424 Montrose Blvd., North Montrose, Houston

Photos and map: Swamplot inbox

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  • I love how other folks on the earlier thread just jumped immediately to the conclusion that this spot wouldn’t have a retail component and used that as an excuse to rant and rave about Houston’s business-as-usual approach as though Houston itself (all the people that comprise and interact with it, not just the City government) was some sort of a living organism bent on spiting urbanism and all of their most cliched expectations about what Houston ought to be.

    And then this thread popped up.

  • Hey guys, I am back again. I’ve frequented this place on many occasions. I do have to say, this was my LEAST favorite el tiempo and I love me some el tiempo LOL. The new one on gessner has really hit the spot so to speak. Here is a little tidbit about the 1803 tiempo – I took a devastating and I mean Soul Crushing dump here in 2013 and i did it right in the urinal. Thing looked like a rotten hamburger with dirty lettuce on it. I think a multifamily tower will do great here. LORD knows we need more multifamily. LOLZ

  • What I like about this is it makes the boat shop lot that much less valuable as it can’t be pieced together with something bigger anymore.
    Serves them right for being greedy.

  • WooHoo, a “retail component”! Maybe we can get the U-Totem back that Laurenzo ate when he expanded. The neighborhood could use it.

  • Listen here you folks, I’ve got news for you. Gibbs boats on the corner of west gray and montrose is going to be replaced by a 30?story high rise….yes, the sky house is going to be building another tower . Also, for all you dolts who nag about retail being included in every single development, why don’t you folks take advantage of a River Oaks shopping center or highland village??? Quit complaining. Damned unhappy people. Nothing makes you happy

  • This story reminded me, I need to swing by U-Plumb-It this weekend and pick up a couple of new wheels for the bottom rack of my dishwasher. They both broke off at the same time, and it is quite a nuisance to roll the drawer in and out now.

  • We need more apartments and houses inside the loop. I won’t miss this El Tiempo. The waiters were dishonest. Whenever I paid in cash I was always short-changed. It happened three times. The first time it was a few cents and I did not complain (my mistake). The second and third time it was $0.35 or more. I gladly did not tip as I considered the waiters’ gratuity equal to the amount they stole from me. Glad to see them go.

  • ERIC……. second and third time it was $0.35 or more. I gladly did not tip as I considered the waiters’ gratuity equal to the amount they stole from me. Glad to see them go.
    Im sure they were glad to see you go…….what a fucking creep………….

  • I work there. Not for long :(