The Architect Behind the Astrodome Parking Plan; Where Houston’s First Poke Restaurant Will Be


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  • Wait… are Houston rents dropping or rising?!?!? I thought I saw recent articles where rents are dropping due to over stock? This is reminiscent of the election polls.

  • Re: rents. Again, these research articles by Zillow, Apartment List, Yardi Matrix, and other private companies are merely marketing ploys and hardly ever involve rigorous research and analysis. It’s better to go with university and government studies that have open methodologies.

  • “About one-third of the $105 million project, or roughly $35 million, would come from the county’s general fund, made up largely of property tax revenue.
    Another third would come from hotel taxes, with the remaining third coming from county parking revenues. These new covered spaces inside the Dome could generate top dollar.
    The general-fund component, around $30 million, is roughly equivalent to the amount that the county estimates it would cost to demolish the Dome.
    Currently, the Dome costs close to $170,000 a year to maintain, county budget officials have said.”
    dumb taxpayers just keep bending over

  • What a crock! Texas leaders are always balking about the “Californiazation” of Texas, yet here they are “Dutchifying” streets in the energy corridor! If you hate California for it’s progressive values, then you’ll definitely hate The Netherlands x10.

  • In a choice between constructing Dutch junctions and leaving cyclists at risk, I choose the Dutch junctions.

  • $3Million for Dutch Junction? This is what I understand them to be…

    That does not seem to be $3MM USD worth of changes. I commute by bike.. and marvel at how much money it costs to build bike infrastructure.. let alone the COH bike plan.

  • $3mil for an intersection, $105mil for a parking garage, all this mmd stuff – man there are a lot hustlers out there finding a way to get a piece of the action.

  • I can tell you that in MONTROSE, for all the class C apts that were getting crazy expensive, the rents have come down quite a bit. Still high but much lower than 6-12 months ago. All the new stock coming online is finally having an effect

  • That “Dutch lane” seems cool but I don’t get the cost? It should be maybe a thousand bucks or so? You’re talking about some concrete, rebar, and paint? How do these things, when done by the city (or goverments) end up being so crazy expensive?