The Art of a Small Apartment in a New Venue, Just a Hop Down Fannin

When last we
heard from Vernon Caldera, the proprietor of the Keep Houston Rich video website was promoting a little 710-sq.-ft. apartment in Isabella Court for a design award from Apartment Therapy. This year, he’s on to bigger things — well, 53 sq. ft. bigger at least. It’s his and Adam Gibson’s new place a ways down Fannin St. at the Venue Museum District, and it’s up again for an award in the “little” category of the website’s Small Cool Places contest.

It’s all done with mirrors, Caldera explains to design voters:

Our favorite element is the beautiful view of Downtown Houston visible from the living and bed rooms. We placed a large mirror over the sofa in the living room to carry the view and light into the entrance. By adding a mirrored wardrobe in the bedroom we get much-needed storage and floor-to-ceiling views.

Oh, and there’s some art to look at here, too:


Where’s the Dining Room? Caldera and Gibson use it as an office, and eat at the Kitchen bar.

Will Houston’s little design entry fall in the second round of competition to some Brooklyn apartment, just like last year? Caldera’s hoping enough Swamplot readers will vote for his pad — in each of several faceoff rounds — to prevent that.

Photos: Katya Horner, Slight Clutter Photography

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  • Love the placement of the TV alongside the sliding door.

  • One of the couches needs to go. It makes a narrow space look even narrower. Makes me feel claustrophobic. Which doesn’t take much.

    Definitely not a Feng Shui space – mirrors in front of beds are a no-no.

    Doesn’t anyone pay attention to Lillian Too?

  • I guess mirrored closet doors are still a novelty to some, but many of us lived with them for years in apartments and will never go back. Although the storage above is a nice touch.

  • Nice decor, but I beleive large mirrors generally do nothing more than confuse the eye. This apartment is no exception.

  • That wide angle lens works wonders.

  • I’m in love with the desk and chair in the last image… WHERE is that furniture from?!