The Astrodome’s New Quasi-Landmark Status; Texas as Shot in ‘Boyhood’


Photo of downtown from the JPMorgan Chase sky lobby: Jason D.


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  • so if the state commission votes in favor of landmark status for the dome, that means the commission takes on remaining debt and future maintenance fees, right? i just don’t understand why we can’t just put the whole thing up for a citywide democratic vote with a few options to leave it as an inept and unkempt waste of some of the cities most valuable property, push for an existing repurposing proposal or just finally demo the thing.

  • The will of the people is clear.

    We do not want to tear down the Astrodome.
    We do not want to pay to maintain it.
    We don’t want to let it sit there and fall apart.

    It seems that democracy isn’t going to provide a solution. We need an autocratic huckster with passion and a plan. Just like we did when the Astrodome was born.

  • Re: 900 architects @ Exxon

    How in the world can you have one concept/them with “900 architects and engineers” working on a project? It seems to me that the word “architect” is used here to mean “cubicle placement technician.”

  • The Astrodome complex could become the Texas Refugee Center and be used as a housing/education/recreation center for all the women and kids coming here from S. America.

  • Why does one wirte a story were has all the money going over the year from the Rodeo and Texans
    to save the Dome. It has just sat there over the year because they were hoping if we play a game on the people of Houston and put the money Texans, Rodeo the place is to big for the Rodeo and if come to see the rodeo the people are so small you have to see them on TV from your seat. We have had a lot of deal on what to do the Dome over year does someone think maybe that good, old boy are not get there cut, Are we still paying someone off to have the dome taken down to be a parking lot. The last time Houston people Vote on the Dome, do think you real got the whole story went we all Vote that day.
    The old boy Won a again. Now here we go again with new deal for the Houston we will be ask to Vote on in
    Nov. to bluid a small Dome with a green space and and save part of the Old Dome for design of the Park REAL