The Beginnings of a Mixed-Use District on Richmond?

This corner of Richmond and Wakeforest appears likely to be developed into a new office building, part of what a recently approved application to reduce the building setback on both streets from the Upper Kirby Redevelopment Authority suggests is a plan to transform this block between Wakeforest and Eastside into a “mixed-use pedestrian-focused transit node.” The demolition of vacant office buildings here near Levy Park appears to have begun in 2009; the office building shown in the photo above, also apparently vacant, is likely the next to go.


That photo looks west from the proposed site.

Photos: Allyn West

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  • That’s a good spot for the walkable/livable deal about equidistant between two future transit stops. The actual transit stop corners are likely to remain car friendly though.

  • What two future transit stops do you speak of?

  • @lhd….the proposed/cancelled/reproposed/maybe never gonna happen University Line. Although I am thinking now that the stop after Kirby was actually Edloe, not BSpeedway. Regardless, the Upper Kirby people are apparently planning for rail on Richmond and I think the City might even have Richmond there included in that Rail Corridor planning scheme created a few years ago.

  • I believe the future of the University line is still unknown, it’s like a huge game of tug of war, and at this point either side can win.
    In their marketing materials, developers will throw in any and all amenities, real or imagined, so by them talking about it, does not mean they have any more info than anybody else.

  • Dana METRO has cancelled the Richmond rail line due to lack of funding. That’s fact.

    Since the new lines don’t have lots of forced ridership like the Main St line had, the likelihood of anything else beyond these is limited.