The Best and Worst Neighborhoods for Parking; Preston Street Bridge Rename


Photo: Jackson Myers via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • “Essential Apps …” Enjoyed perusing list of app downloads. I’m already using 3 which are Nextdoor-which I love as well as Waze. Will make use of Houston 311 but wondering what other apps readers have found useful in and around town?

  • I tried Nextdoor. I found out a bunch of my neighbors are racist jerks. I’m better off not connecting with them.

  • Wow man, those guys do NOT pull punches on the 10 worst suburbs.

  • SWAMPLOT: Please do not waste my time with inane ranking websites that claim to “use science” to determine a normative attribute.

  • The Roadsnacks “worst suburbs” list is unsurprisingly unhelpful. If they had considered largely unincorporated “Katyland” instead of the city of Katy proper, that area’s ranking would be much better. Also, I’m not ready to even classify places like Alvin and Santta Fe as Houston suburbs.

  • Surprised the apps list didn’t include ParkMobile, which I have found extremely useful for downtown street parking.

  • I live in an area marked with the worst on street parking on the map on the parking article, and there are acres of empty on street spaces all the time. What on earth is their definition of bad parking? You have to walk more than 10 feet from you car?

  • @Membag, I totally agree with you regarding Nextdoor. You quickly realize the main contributors are suburban whiners that moved to the city and want everything they had back in the suburbs. There definitely are a bunch of bored Mrs. Kravitz’ out there. Oh and if you are black or brown and selling something total hysteria.