The Best Day of the Week To Post New Real Estate Listings

Internet real-estate upstart Redfin has it all figured out: If you’re trying to sell your home, add your listing early on Friday morning:

“It’s an article of faith to debut a listing on a Thursday,” Kelman said.

But Thursday’s actually the worst day, while listings debuting on the best day, Friday, get an average of 7.7 percent more Web visitors in the first week, according to Redfin’s analysis of 119,000 listings.

“People apparently come to work on Friday morning looking for brand-new properties to tour over the weekend,” Kelman said.

Ah, but it depends what market you’re targeting, adds a Seattle real-estate agent:

A teardown or fixer house, for instance, should not debut on a Friday because that would bring less attention from builders, she said, adding that her Web site gets the most hits in general on Mondays.

After the jump, more recommendations based on Redfin’s continuing research!


Of course, some of these findings are more obvious than others:

Overpriced properties don’t sell well. And make sure your asking price is set below popular internet search thresholds. Plus

The Redfin scientists also found homes with prices ending in 500 sold closer to list price than ones with prices ending in “000,” but left that out of its recommendations because other research contradicted their study.

Other findings that were excluded: listings with photographs containing the color red will sell generally at a higher price than those that do not include that hue. And sales prices are generally higher when there’s a full moon on the closing date.

Just joking about those last two, but there’s sure to be more fun seller-tip voodoo in later reports.