The Brand New Laurenzo’s on Bagby St. Is Already Closed

THE BRAND NEW LAURENZO’S ON BAGBY ST. IS ALREADY CLOSED Not to be outdone by the sudden departures of the last 2 occupants of the retail spot tucked below the parking garage at 1910 Bagby St., the Laurenzo’s offshoot which opened in the space this past January has now closed indefinitely, a passing reader reports. The eponymous Laurenzo family announced the spot around the start of this year, telling Greg Morago of the Chronicle that they had originally been approached to put an El Tiempo in the space by Landmark Hospitality (the folks behind borderline barbecue breastaurant The Republic Smokehouse & Saloon, which previously occupied 1910 Bagby). The space, just outside the elbow of the Pierce Elevated, sits directly across the street from the former Boyscout office that briefly hosted glitzy steakhouse Mr. Peeple’s (also a Landmark project). [Previously on Swamplot] Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • I went in February and the food/service was great. The ambiance was a bit much: music was a little too loud and lots of cheesy valentine’s decor. Had to pay for parking (was eating with some older folks, thus the driving in the first place) but noticed they comp the lunch time crowds’ parking.

    Stopped in a second time to grab drinks at the bar…walked in and immediately turned around. 1.) it was pretty warm inside 2.) there was a huge group of bikers at the bar 3.) the tejano music was blasting loud.

    Never made it back after that.

  • Off course they were going to be out of business soon. Lunch was $20- $25 and competing with Cyclon Anayas next door. It really doesnt make sense. They did a poor market research.

    I hope hey get something else, but a big restaurant that doesn’t make any sense.