The Capitol at St. Germain: Downtown’s Newest Live-Music Space

Next month, real estate brokers Randy Fertitta and John Nguyen plan to reopen the former Zula Restaurant spot at 705B Main St. Downtown as a 250-600-seat concert venue. The Capitol at St. Germain will include a bar, a restaurant, and jazz, R&B, and “old-school” country performers. Coming to the Main St. streetfront at Capitol St. (next door to the Flying Saucer): a sidewalk cafe and a new neon marquee, subsidized in part by a $20,000 grant from the Downtown Management District. The 8,400-sq.-ft. space will include an elevated reserved seating area called the Vintage Lounge and a “floating” VIP booth next to the 320-sq.-ft. stage.

Photo: Capitol at St. Germain

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  • Yawn. Dining outside as the METRO train noisily disrupts the “quiet”. The demand is not there to make this a long term success.

  • Agreed, Patrick. Plus, the panhandlers are constant down there — you won’t be eating in peace. I wouldn’t back these investments. Everything there fails, escpecially clubs.

  • Actually, the Flying Saucer around the corner is seemingly always busy – panhandlers or not – and I have heard that the nearby House of Blues is one of the company’s most profitable. Looking forward to having another high quality live music venue in Houston and another downtown restaurant option above ground.

  • New rules regarding begging near a restaurant have helped crack down on beggar/panhandler issues. The metrorail is not very noisy in my opinion, the constant police/firetruck/ambulance drive-bys are MUCH louder.

  • Please- If you can’t stand the sight of a few harmless homeless people, and you think that an electric train is really that disturbing, stay in the Woodlands, where you can be safe and clean with your white-bread cronies. I have lived in downtown Houston for the past several years, and the amount of nonsensical fear and stereotypes promoted by suburbanites is really quite ridiculous.

  • stepped inside this place the other day and it looks really nice. real wood floors, refurbished ceiling. looking forward to lunching here next week!