The Coppa Cabana: Catalan’s New Do

Vespas welcome. And sure, the Italian spirit goes for a little valet now and then too:

Following a brief construction period beginning early summer, the space occupied by Catalan will reopen as Coppa Ristorante Italiano, a long-awaited concept for owners Charles Clark and Grant Cooper. Coppa will bring you a simple, flavorful American translation of classic Italian cuisine in a welcoming and lighthearted atmosphere that characterizes the Italian spirit.

Rendering: Coppa Ristorante Italiano. Photo: Zagat Buzz (license)

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  • hmmm…overpriced Italian at the future Coppa or go to Rai’s a little further down where it’s much cheaper?

  • I don’t get it. Catalan was, if not unique, then at least different. I thought their popularity was all about that difference. Now they want to be just another Italian?

    So maybe losing a chef behooves some changes, but they’ve lost me on this one.

  • That’s what I was thinking. Couldn’t they get another chef that specializes in tapas?

    Many restaurants in Houston have gone through chef changes and survived.

    Italian restaurants are a dime a dozen. You really have to stand out to succeed.

  • Catalan should have added that partition-y thing to the patio LONG ago. Staring at the CVS during your $200 dinner was always weird.

    Coppa is an annoying name. I feel annoying just thinking it.

  • Staring at the CVS while sitting in your chair being classy wondering if you need a box of razors, or more listerine.

    Eating there was weird. The location reminded me of a Church in a strip mall, it didn’t fit the setting.

    The garden wall should have been done long ago.

  • I guess couple of Sundays from now, might be my last time going to that strip center. There are too many other good restuarants in Houston than to go to another Italian place.

  • The owners are making a big mistake. Catalan is easily one of the best restaurants in the city and they’re just doing away with it? Is it not profitable? Everytime I went, there was always lots of people dining there. Do they really have to make such drastic changes because Shepherd is leaving? Crazy stuff!

  • sergio,

    Read the post. The chef is leaving. The owners and the chef are two different entities.

    The owners don’t want to keep it the same because it’ll be someone else trying to make the same food.

    A new chef will likely want to change the menu which means patrons like you may or may not like the change in food offered.


    Also, if they are going Italian, they should either pick a particular region of Italy or offer real Italian dishes. i.e. Spaghetti with any form of tomato sauce is not Italian and you couldn’t order it in Italy.